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PGE1 erection versus clamp erection


Originally Posted by brazillionaire
Alright, so there’s no outflow but inflow still happens.. That’s why you end up with an infinite amount of blood in your dick, right? If you really believe what you’re saying, then go clamp for 4 hours in a row and see what happens.

There are 3 separate chambers in your dick: 2 CC chambers and 1 CS. Injecting in 1 CC chamber causes erectile response in both CC chambers and not in the CS. This is well-documented by everyone who injects. It is also documented that this type of erection is non-ischemic and leaves enough oxygen flow to prevent damage. Pubmed papers on megalophallus are the source I have in mind for the second claim, although it has been made in MANY other papers as well which I can’t remember offhand.

Dude, relax I wasn’t arguing with you. And you misinterpreted what I said. Go clamp yourself for 4 hours.

Anyway, I agree with everything you say here and always did. The point was that I see no reason why someone couldn’t devise a clamp which didn’t compress/restrict-flow-of CS, but did restrict outflow of CCs enough to cause a PGE-1-level erection. Keep in mind that clamping does not mean completely cutting off bloodflow. You can completely cut it off but you don’t [I]have[/] to. If PGE-1 causes great erections yet is safe because it allows a little outflow while still creating high pressure in the CCs, then the same could be achieved with a clamp — tighten it enough to cause good high pressure but not so much that some blood (just like with PGE-1) can’t travel through and oxygenate.

Do you get what I am saying now?

Thanks, Lampwick—I was thinking of PT-141.

I will be trying pge1 and light clamping at the same time in a few weeks. Im also going to smear verapamil gel on myself to loosen the collagen. Hopefully I will succeed in keeping the pressure intense and long-lasting enough to induce gains, while under control enough not to blow my dick off.

I have already tried clamping with viagra and porn, but I find that the V gives me headaches and the porn distracts me from my work too much.

Wish me luck!


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