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Penis size=length from thumb to pinky?


Penis size=length from thumb to pinky?

I was watching this Canadian sex call in show yesterday. The host is the Sue something women. Anyhow, here is the point. Some dude called in asking about the average size of the penis, if blacks are bigger and stuff….anyhow, she tells him that the relationship between the size of a man’s penis is the length between his thumb and pinky? (Close your fist then just stick straight out and to the side your thumb and pinky) Is it just me or does she have no idea what she is talking about? I have almost a 9” span yet my wank is nowhere near that. Try it yourself.

\nnn/ <————-aproximate picture of the positons

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

I've seen her show ....

She is usually 100% right.

Here she is 100% wrong.

I am surprised at her for believing such a scientifically disproven “Myth.”

Which hand?

I can sort of dislocate the thumb on my left hand so that gives me an extra inch or so,

now how do i dislocate my penis………

See Ya,


Hand shouldn't matter

I don’t think that the handedness matters since I get the same size with either of my hands.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

My dick is in trouble!

I can’t stick my pinky out with my fist closed! Does that mean I can’t get it up?

She is 100% wrong. The TRUE method for measuring penis size with your hand is to open your hand, then (with no help of other fingers) bend your middle finger down to touch your wrist (if you can reach) or some point on your palm (usual). Then open your hand once more and measure from the point you toched to the tip of your middle finger…..surprised with the result?

I should be on that show.

Another method, less reliable, is to get an erection, take a ruler and measure your prick. However, owing to atmospherical conditions measurement deviation exists, so best rely on the above method.



I’m glad you put that bit in about atmospherical conditions measurement deviation as i just measured my dick and its not as big as my dick. In fact its about an inch off! ;)

See Ya,


what about the myth that your penis size is directly proportionate to the size of your feet?



I am having trouble understanding your “take a ruler and measure your prick” method. Could you explain further, possibly draw a chart of diagram???


Running a Massive Co-Front.


Let’s see if I got this right….You want me to chart the drawings I prick with the measurement? A little complicated but here goes:

First you need a calibrated radii ascpotometer and you place it on the inner echopraxia hypogonadism of the glandual margrabonal cavity, which when said in other terms that can be explained hynagogically speaking without the prior ithyphallic conditions colocates the instrument in a paracentesis menarche position. The utmost and perhaps infusorial positioning of the ascopotometer is near the chamber interconnecting the corpus with the diterpenic podocarps, which is a extremely thalamus ventricle and that under no circumstances must come into dactyl contact with the cistacolan nerves, those at least of which are to be located beneath the epidermis.

Hindrance of erectile tissue caused through lack of correct lentiform nucleus, morefold that situated in the corpus striatun, advocates the presence of micro-deviations when calculating necrotizing fasciitis dimensions, and the natural diatonic state of daltonic mixolydian enzymes result in this rather effulgent process of distortioned measurement.

My advice is the disappendage of said ascopotmeter, alleviating the symptophatic aislations and thus resulting in a non-detrimental synaptic profusion, the calculii then vacillitates transfixations, permitting inprecipitous obduration of the penile shaft.

Should this yield undesired abeyance, a besmirchent and amalgamation of boorishness and gaucherie necessitates the immediate,adequate and amenable sycophancy, which cannot be preceded by anything but predispositioned abstemiousness and an assuage culmination of iberic and lapetus iambuses, which must be evitated at the pertinent risk of mis-calculated measurements.

I’m sure you don’t need a chart now. :head:


How about “Take a ruler and slap the crap out of it.” HeHe This is one of those threads that I like, everyone going who knows where. By the way - How in the hell would Sue know this? Is she a boy named Sue? If so, I think Johnny Cash would like to meet her.



Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


If the feet thing is true, I think I’ll start hanging off my toes and PJ ing my arches. LOL

"If you build it, they will come".


Well put. Concise and succinct.


Bravo Guiri! LOL

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Wow. Another myth. What is it with June? Penis-myth month or what?

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