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Thanks MAdMax that was really inspirational post.

Congrats for your gains and happiness…

If we increase our size during the time I assume that some of us at a specific point of time are going to hit the ‘magic end’ of the vagina.
What in general is the reaction of your gf/wife when suddenly hitting the end which never was reached before?



Thanks madmax8, inspirational posts like that are so valuable here.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

So what was your general routine like? I think that the less we measure, the better we will gain. I really believe that when we measure after 4-6 weeks of hard work, a feeling of discouragement sets in and hinder any potential gains. I think that I will go 3 months without measuring and see what happens.

thats pretty much the same routine I use…lets hope by the that we can share the same gains.

Just now getting around to this post Mad, great post. It has been stated many a time here how women react toward a larger unit. And for guys with steady partners the reaction I think is more truth full, because you all know the women in your livers better thasn someone that has been in a relationship for six months or less. The reaction is honest and the communication is already there. So congrats on your gains in length and frequency.


Originally posted by AndreasF
What in general is the reaction of your gf/wife when suddenly hitting the end which never was reached before?

Pure orgasmic bliss :)

At least, for my wife. Sounds like Max’s too. And many others. Way to go!

RB, are we talking instantly or what?

I remember the first time I hit my wife’s cds like it was yesterday. I had learned about it on, the instense orgasms it was supposed to produce, and then Jen came on and told us how they felt, and I knew I had to do this for my wife. I asked a bunch of questions of drgmerlin, who visited his gals cds often, and planned how best to get at it.

The next time the wife and I had sex, we were plugging along, missionary, my knees on the bed, searching for her nether region. I kept feeling her cervix, so I eased up her body slightly, and proceeded to sink deep into her, straight down towards the mattress. I felt a stretching sensation on the head of my penis, and her face instantaneously got that wide eyed mouth opened worried kind of “what the fuck is that” look on it, and I started thrusting into her cds over and over. By the 3rd stroke she was lost in a deep orgasm, which lasted as long as I was able to keep up the fast thrusting. I ran out of gas, took a 10 second breather, and went at it again, again, instant deep multiple orgasms for her. She moaned “what are you doing to me” and I said “fucking you silly with my giant cock”. She said “Yes you are” which trailed of into more orgasmic moaning and groaning. I did this 4 times over a period of maybe 10 minutes or so, and when we were done, there was a very large wet spot on the sheets right under her crotch and ass. I’ve been a cds hound ever since. Once you get there, if your wife reacts as mine did, you are so ruined…

Problem was, based on Luvdadus cds study, she must have been at a shallow time of the cycle, as I couldn’t hit deep every time. I’m now chasing just length, as I want to own her cds no matter the day or position. Once I get there, I plan to throw on another inch of girth or so…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Great post - very inspiring!

One question - You went 1 1/2 years without measuring!?! I have to fight myself not to measure at least once a day!

I think its growing!

Originally posted by Stantanus
One question - You went 1 1/2 years without measuring!?! I have to fight myself not to measure at least once a day!

Oh no, I didn’t mean to give that impression at all. I used to measure monthly in the beginning and got a .5 increase in length and a little in girth…not much. but it seemed for a year there wasn’t much size increase so I didn’t measure as regularly and then not at all. It felt like it was getting bigger, but I didn’t want to be disappointed by finding out that it was in fact, completely stalled.

Here’s a post Jen made in another thread awhile back that is relevant here-

“This is Jen, I have to add to this for sure. First off I’m proud to say my clitoris is thumbnail-size, when aroused by Daddy and my HUGE sexual ritual it gets and stays at a hard nickle-size . During playtime either his hand is giving a good grip at the base so I can get the extra stimulation, PLUS nothing turns me on more then to know there is at least eight inches of rock hard cock, pounding into my cud-de-le- sac. Hitting these areas orders me to squirt in small, long, gushing, explosive squirting session. During this I bounce and manuver side to side UP and DOWN also CUMMING constantly or on and off for the entire time. Daddy and I Love hitting the c-spot And I jump OFF and gush all over his face, or play with the pile of cum-squirt along with all kinds of goody’s. I Worship the fact he ( can only sit in one position DUE to o.c.d. AND size) because I get to take SOOOOO much Control in This. But in all this the constant tight gripping ,powerfull thrusting.grinding, create constant either cumming squirting, on and off or and at the same time. “

Fluffs me every time I read it. I also smile, as I know once I can get there, the wife will be responding the same way, as I’ve seen her potential. The rest is all in my hands and just a matter of time… :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

my appologies madmax. You couldnt have spelt your routine any better than you did and im asking you what your routine was like. !!!!!!!!!

Great post! Even with minimal gains I am having a similar experience with my wife. She doesn’t know I am doing PE. How long has your wife known?

CL, my wife knew from the first few weeks. I think during that time I regained a little that I’d lost from tight ligs. I was pretty excited and showed her, but she didn’t seem that impressed. Guess she didn’t notice much difference…or much cared. Probably a little of both. She always liked me doing the exercises because it made my penis more flexible, which made it more fun to play with for her.

But the last couple of months her noticing has been increasing and the past couple of weeks has made all the difference to her…must be a growth spurt. But mainly, it feels so different inside to her that it has brought a new dimension to our lovemaking.


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