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Penis changing sizes on a reguler basis


Penis changing sizes on a reguler basis

Hey guys, I was wondering and maybe this is common, since I have gone back to PE mostly jelqing and hanging I have noticed that on certain days my penis is incredibly long (for me) pushing past 8 inches in length, but all by girth disapears which is normally a little under 8 inches it will drop down to right around 6 inches, that on other days my girth goes insane and pushes the 9” mark but my length is like 5 1/2. Does anyone know what could be causing it’s weirding me out like crazy.

Sounds impossible.

Genetic disorder or bullshit?

I have a theory. When it gets really long, is it stiff? And then when you rub it a lot does it eventually discharge a cloudy fluid, accompanied by a feeling of release and euphoria? It could be you are getting what some experts call an erection.

1) Make sure you measure in the same units.

2) Stop taking mind-altering substances before measuring

3) Take photos

4) Phone Guiness

5) Become famous

Ruler pics please


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

How many penises do you have?

Split personality?

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Perhaps your cock is a space time anomaly. Like in Donny Darko.


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Do you drink a lot of caffeine some days?

I remember SWM posting pics of serious caffeine shrinkage on PEF about a year ago.


Hey you want to see shrinkage pop a few stackers with your caffeine.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Funniest Post & Replies I have ever read

You guys have such a sick sence of humor.

Maybe your dick is possessed? Any exorcists in your neighbourhood?


~Here's Johnny!~


You guys are ruthless. Now others won’t post such questions and generate such answers causing me the best laughs this week. I am so glad I have yet to ask my penis question. Actually, I can’t seem to locate mine at all.

Dear Sir 8,

Although you may not have gotten the answer you were looking for. I hope the erection answer cleared things up for you. Please don’t be discouraged to ask questions. I see it took you over a year just to ask this one. Keep your head up.

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