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PE'ing at work?????


I jelq, stretch and squeeze at work in a toilet cubicle because I have a 1-hour lunch. I take 2 cups of hot water in with me. 1 for soak before I PE and 1 for after to soak and wash off the lube. :)

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As I have no privacy at the house, I must pump in my office. It is at night when I don’t anticipate anyone coming into the buliding, but - since the office is right next to the main entrance door - if I hear a key in the lock, I can put stuff away in a hurry. I have only had to once.

I use shower time, or cleanup after workout time (have a mini gym at the house for toning lifts, etc) for my usual routine of jelking and stretches.

I still do a quick set of three-to-five 3-second JAI stratches after I pee, wherever I am (in public I try to use a stall).

My main concern with using the office, is that someone will have planted a mini-cam to check up on me, and they will catch me pumping and jelking - and show it in a church council meeting … WHEW! Just think of the headlines: “PORNO PASTOR POTTED PULLING PUD!”

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I have done Ulis at my old job when everyone else was out. Nothing regular though.


Did a lot of stretching and dry jelqs at the toilet cubicle during a traineeship while I new there wasn’t a possibility for me to stay at that office. Strange thing is that I only pe’d at work in this time and that this was the period I grew most during my pe carreer. I think because of the fact that this was the time while I was most consequent and that I was doing the jai stretches and dld blaster for the first time. I did this for about 1 month.

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now 8 x 5.5

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Yeah I was always afraid of the camera thing, some of these companies have them all over the place now. I have tried to do some jelqing at work the bathroom just gets to much use nothing kills a hard on faster than some guy using the stall next to you to take a big stinky dump

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I also looked alot at the mirror, like “better be a mirror and only a mirror”. And about the next door thing, we had only one bathroom on our floor so I got almost a heartattach when I saw the doorhandle move downward. Luckily I never forgot to close the door in these moments. (Still sweatening when I think about that, since I once just forgot to close this stupid door).

before 6 x 4.75

now 8 x 5.5

goal 9 x 6

I’ve had a couple of PE-related experiences this past week at work.

I have a female coworker who has an annoying habit of walking around my desk so that she can see my computer monitor. The other morning she walked in when I had a soft drink (in a plastic cup with ice and no lid) in my hand. In my frantic move to close down the open window with Thunder’s Place visible, I knocked over the drink, spilling it all over myself and the floor.

The other day, I had my office door closed and locked so that I could put on my Homedics wrist wrap. In the middle of putting on my wrap, with my pants half down while I put on the wrap, a visitor started pounding on my door. My office door has to be shut firmly for the lock to engage with the door jamb. If not, the door knob will not turn (it is in the locked position) but the door will push open. In a flash second, I saw that the door was in this state. I frantically pulled up my pants, not even bothering to pull up my boxers and zipped and belted up as I reached to open the door. A good half hour later, my visitor was finally done and I was able to rearrange my drawers after he left.

There always seems to be other people in the bathroom, I rarely have privacy enough to even do piss pulls at the urinal.

I’m ready to give up on the concept of any PE at work. Even though my office has a lock, my coworkers keys will open the door (the doors are all keyed alike). Fowfers seem to be the only stealth PE I can get away with.

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A couple months ago I started a thread called ( strange places to PE). I went into detail on my at work routine that I still am doing. I do this 3 to 5 times a week. Check it out.

I work in an office with 120 other people and only 2 bathroooms with 2 urinals apeice. No piss pulls @ work for me.


Man..I really admire the dedication of you guys that do PE in the stealth mode. That shows just how much you really want to get bigger. I have a problem with motivation. I have the time and place to PE as much as I want, but it seems after a few pulls and a couple sqeezes, I just jerk off and go to sleep…lol.

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I wore a Penimaster to work everyday for 4 months. I am hanging now, but not at work. I also use to jelq in the can when I could. I was greedy for gains. I do it all at home now.


Did anybody ever give you a weird look down there?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I built a mini wench and use it as an ADS device as I type. I work shifts and have two ladies next to me in the office. And nobody knows it but me!

I work by myself in retail. On my jelq days I can get in 1440 reps, and ADS and no one knows anything.


Originally posted by Dino9X7

Did anybody ever give you a weird look down there?

Maybe the ladies. They probably thought I was extremely hung!

I wore boxers and loose pants. I tried to avoid walking around as much as I could.



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