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Pan says by

Pan says by

Just wanted to say that I will not post here no more and those of you who I have talked to that would like to talk to me again can find me at the peforum.

DonĀ“t feel wellcome here due to obvious reasons.

By guys!


Gee…was it something you said?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

i'd hate to see you go over one disagreement.....

We don’t all agree on everything. Sometimes in pe - because it is so new and so unscientific, things can be hard to believe or seem dangerous (maybe they are? maybe not)

but the fact remains that i’d like to hope this doesn’t end up in a “peforums versus Thunders type affair” which i could see this getting to.

I like wasting time on both forums and i consider that i have friends on both. Just because you have a disagreement with a couple of guys on one or the other i don’t think that should mean that you have to leave.

Its up to you i suppose but i reckon things have gotten a little out of hand and maybe a little breather will let everything calm down and we can all get along again.

ps - Thunder, good move on closing that thread.

See Ya,



You are always welcome here as far as I’m concerned.


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Just because we disagree doesn’t mean you have to leave the board. I disagree with hobby too, but at the end of the day I’d like to think we can shake hands, sit down together and have a beer, talk about the meaning of life or who’s winning at the football. The whole point of a forum is to exchange information and debate issues. While I vigrously disagreed with you on this point, who knows, the next time I may be just as vigorously defending your point of view on another matter.

Debates help push our knowledge base further, they help us explore the posibilities and pitfalls. They make the readers think and draw their own conclusions by hearing both sides of the story - this is good!

I will, however, appologise for some of the unnecessarily cutting remarks I made - they were fueled by personal attacks on me on PE Forums.

The choice to go or stay is entirely yours. But as far as I’m concerned you are quite welcome here.

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Butch up, Pan

Quiting is easy. Hang in there and make the best of it.

This is a great group. No matter where you go, there will be problems. How you overcome those problems is what is important.

my $.02

d “for what it’s worth” f

Hey Pan,

Hang around. I’m shopping for a muzzle for lil and will need some help putting it on. Seriously, that thread got way out of hand and I should have closed and locked it up earlier than I did. I apologize for that. Maybe we all learned what not to do, to avoid that kind of degeneration of the next controversial thread.

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Your way to valuable to up and leave. Your both great guys and let’s learn a little from this one.

Gentlemen in the future if you want to debate show a little respect for both each other and the other members of the forum keep the friggin gloves on.

Pan don’t make me grovel here.


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After reading the replys on this post I will consider staying around here.

I very much dislike a person that do not believe in my word…..and in the same time I very much respect a person that can admit a mistake and say “I appologise, I did wrong”.

It was not my meaning with this post to have you “ask” me to hang around, but must admit it feels good that I got that response.

It is very possible you will see me post in my bad english again here :-)




I for one am glad you are sticking around. I both enjoy and respect the knowledge you share here. Looking forward to more in the future.




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