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Pain and indentation from manual stretches

Pain and indentation from manual stretches

OK guys so i noticed yesterday and today that there was some soreness on one side of my dick. And when i got an erection there was a slight indentation where i usually grip for stretches (OK grip 1” below glans). The indentation was visible on both sides but more on one than the other. Has anyone else had this and did it go away? Thanks.

Its a temporary thing, perhaps your gripping to hard. If your that concerned watch it disappear over about three days or so. No need to panic. Soreness is something that should start to occur less and less as your skin gets tougher and tougher.

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Happens. Goes away. Pay attention to your body though and listen to what it’s telling you. When you stretch try to tease that fucker out of your body by making slow, relaxed motions. If you bulldog it you’ll actually get a retraction response from your body. You’re shooting for a totally relaxed pubic area that actually allows the ligature to *stretch* and not one that’s *tight*.

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Thanks for the help guys. I think I’m am overdoing it with (not -> w/) the stretches, because I notice that it tends to pull back shorter than when I started after I finish stretching.


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