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Our boys


At the current rate of popularization, PE may be fairly common and quite well known by the time the kids mentioned are 16-18.

Talk about a can worms…

Body modification, fear and love (not real focussed)

Yeah, let him be - lots of sensible advice here.

Perhaps it would be useful to step back and reconsider your concerns (which I share about my son, BTW; also in the dark about his stage of growth) in terms of the whole person you’re dealing with and the society he’s growing up in.

What other changes might he want to make to himself, to his body as he moves into puberty and adolescence, and why?

Body piercing. Tattoos. Died hair. And much more…. Will penis enlargement become just another body modification game as it moves mainstream? (Will the sexualization of media content just continue on its sick course? Will we have an equally sickening puritanical backlash as the pendulum swings, so that those with big dicks will feel ashamed in politically-correct locker rooms?)

And perhaps will our anxieties, once we’ve aired and cleared them in a public forum, stimulate a shift in consciousness? Maybe through OUR thinking we’re redefining the playing field…inventing a new one. A few years from now, will the notion of men living lives of quiet desperation because of penis anxiety will seem quaintly old-fashioned…because of this discussion we’re having here and now, which will lead to others, and others…?

As for your son. my son, what are creating for them as we talk about this in public? Reinforcement of our limited past, or tools to deal with new possibilities for them, that will no doubt surprise us?

Fear, or love?

say nothing

Thats his life not yours…
I know you want to help, but help him all the others way a father does..just because you have a complex about penis size doesn’t mean your son will!…when he grows up to be a teenager he might not even care about the size of it…so what he wont be the guy strolling around the locker room with a snake between his legs…he will be a boy with dreams and his own direction….

My Advise is NEVER mention about dick size with him…
If he later own gets a complex it will be embarrising for him to know that his dad knows he has a small dick or what ever..
he will use the interent have find PEing himself…
also you don’t know his cock might grow to 6-7” thats FINE..
maybe you are giving yourself to much pressure of your son.
you weren’t the king in the locker room, so you wish or hoped your son could be…

LET IT BE!! those are pressures he must go through , thats if he even cares about those things….

my two cents worth

When I was that age, in a repressive southern Baptist hell fire and brimestone household, I
didn’t know what a penis was for, much less anything about size. I did not know there was even a difference in size.
I first discovered “myself” in pleaure when I was about 9 years old, but I thought I had cancer or something
when my uncut scegma came out and I remember thiniking I was different than other guys. I was
traumatized that I was the only one of my circle of friends who could not fit a truckstop condom on.
It shows you how ignorance and age mix together for bad, because I had a needless complex for years
and “feared” sex because I thought there was something WRONG with me in being too big. Don’t laugh,
I felt inferior when I should have felt superior. But none of this was relevant at age 7.

This “early intervention” could really cause a complex. Funny thing with me was I thought I was no
good and I was not popular with the girls and I grew up not getting dates, and my ignorance
was manifest in my life to come, because not only was I above average, I had the biggest penis
in my whole class and DIDN’T KNOW IF FOR OVER 40 YEARS LATER! I didn’t discover than some men
are much bigger until I was older, in my first marriage, even though girls had commented on it.

Now, THAT information would have helped me avoid a life of insecurity and inferirority. But, at age
15 or so, not age 7!

But I was the exception in all this. Once at that tender age the issue is broached it cannot be put
back in the bottle and unintended harm can occur that lasts a lifetime.

ADVICE: Wait until he has gone thru puberty, maybe even 16ish or so, and then have a talk.

Until recently, penis size was never an issue with anyone but the fartherest fringe of society. He will learn
much from his peers, women, and the internet, but please let him grow a bit physically and emotionally first.

To all,

I guess it is natural for a father to want to pass on useful information to his son, question is timing.

I think it would be harmful to mention this at such a tender age, others have eloquently commented already.

But when, if at all?

I have a 19 year old son, What I plan to do is give him a talk when he gets engaged or at least seriously involve with a woman.

In this talk I will encourage him to not practice birth control. I learned too late after a life of bc ending in vasectomy that I was wrong on this and it was so late after the procedure that the likelyhood of restoring fertilty was not worth the pain trouble and expense.

In this talk I will warn him about the false promises and fantasy world that is pornography and how that it may offend or demean his spouse if she is not into it readily and it may set up for a sex life that never quite lives up to the fantasy.

About PE, I think I will only bring PE up if a natural opening in conversation occures carefully noting his comfort level before proceding. I don’t wish to foist on him a concern that he may not have, but I would like to steer him to the proper resources if he does have concerns in this area. Regards to all.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Not practice birth control??????

One should noy contemplate becoming a parent until he knows exactly what that entails (at least to the extent of what a person is able to know beforehand).

I’m sure I have misunderstood your words.



Now, there is birth regulation via natural methods.
1) not having sex during the fertile period of a womans cycle
this gets a bad rap but motivated and informed couples can use this method for pro fertility purposes or for timing and spacing pregnancies with a high degree of sucess.
2) The “Pill” constantly puts the woman in the infertile stage of her cycle one mechanism is artificially increasing progesterone levels. For those of you not familiar with this hormone it is associated with a certain amount of disinterest in sex, grumpiness and fluid retention and weight gain and acne. Constantly living with a woman in a mild form of PMS is no picnic.
3)I now regret having a vasectomy and limiting my family to 2 children, however I have learned from the experience that a woman in her normal ebb and flow of hormonal activity is much easier to live with and predict, at least that has been my observation. I can predict based on my wifes cycle when the best sex of the month is gonna be and when sex is essentially genorosity on her part because she loves me and knows that my needs are there.

>>One should noy contemplate becoming a parent until he knows exactly what that entails (at least to the extent of what a person is able to know beforehand).>>

I agree with that statement however, I think that one should more closely associate marriage, and sex with BOTH of its purposes (ie fostering closeness of the couple AND the generation of children), and be open in some way to the possibility that a union could result in a pregnancy and accept that and the responsibility to bring the child up.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


How about using rubbers in order to promote birth regulation?

Besides the small inconvenience that goes with them, at least for me, I can’t come up with any detrimental short or long term side effects.

I think that they would be preferable to poisoning a woman’s endocrinology. At least she would have the natural progression after her monthly of being interested to being downright horny then gradually less interest till the next cycle. Predictable, no less chance to set one self up for dissapointment.

My real objection to birth control using artificial means is at first religious/philosophical but also on a practical socialogical level. We who have been using birth control will pay for it when we get too old to take care of ourselves and only have 2 or 1 or no children. I’m afraid many of us will die lonely in nursing homes as a result, unless they decide in the future just to go ahead and put us out of our misery after a set age or whatever criteria may be employed. This is quite off topic and I’ll not go any further in this forum on this anyone who is interested in my views on this matter can PM or email me.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Weighing In

I would not discuss PE with my son (I have two daughters) until maybe he was an adult. Boys/Men are by nature insecure in this area—no need to go there. Not to mention, the earlier posts of several people even mentioning PE to friends and getting strange looks. He’ll find it if he wants to.


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