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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
You can grow a penis on your arm if you want…lesurgery.shtml

Wouldn’t it be more useful to have it growing on your thigh, just above the knee? They have strap-ons that go there. The arm? I don’t know. My arm would get tired after a while. My hands get tired as it is with a lot of women!


Do you think mice sit around and talk about penis size too? “Dam did you see the cock on mickey? He’s hung like a hamster!”


:D Haha! That’s one of the coolest smilies I’ve seen!

Never ever a turtle again...

langemann, what do you think of the penis arm?

Imagine a hand shake with you’re potensial new boss: “Hi, My name is Kevin - and this guy here is Willie…”

I would not like to have a penis on my arm, I mys admit. But taste is just like an ass: It’s splitted in half… :D

Never ever a turtle again...

Cadaver meat

Originally Posted by Langemann
I wonder when it will be possible to get a “new” penis attached to our body. You know - just like people with a weak heart may get a good, fresh heart from a newly dead person, it should be possible to get the penis from dead a guy with a huge cock… :-D

Isn’t this Alloderm?


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No Nukes


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