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One for the medics.....

One for the medics.....

What are the things which actually lead to a thrombosed vein.

Is it damage to the vein?(eg from vigorous jelqing)

Cut off blood supply?(eg from an over tight hanger)

Both of these?

I am just interested as to why this occurs so i can try to avoid these areas.

See Ya,


I don’t know if this will help, but……

The following excerpt is directly from the book, Introduction to Human Disease written by Thomas H. Kent M.D. and Michael Noel Hart M.D.

“Vascular Disorders: Vascular changes that lead to thrombosis include acute and chronic injuries to vessel walls (including the endocardium) and turbulent blood flow. The most important of these conditions, including thrombi in leg veins, thrombi on atherosclerotic plaques (gunk in vein) mural thrombi over a myocardial infarct (gunk around heart) and atrial thromi………. Any vascular injury or site of turbulence can lead to thrombosis.”

Now to answer your question in plain english (no pun or disrespect) both. If you jelq to hard, you can cause a thrombosis, which is the condition of having a blood clot; thrombi is the actual clot.
The bigger they are the more damage they could likely cause. If it causes pain, quit. Let it rest and then start back in slowly. You don’t want to hurt yourself, that part of the anatomy is important for several reasons. It would be reassuring to hear from either luvaduds or boxcar 23 as they are both M.D.’s.

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I really don’t have much to add sunshinekid403.
thrombosis can be initiated by injury to a vessel, decreased flow of blood, hypercoagulability (associated with some cancers and in some patients with lupus), or “thick blood”.
>> Is it damage to the vein?(eg from vigorous jelqing)

Cut off blood supply?(eg from an over tight hanger)

Both of these?>>

I guess to answer BigJ’s question more directly - “both of these”

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks again!!

So all i have to do is stop traumatising my dick with jelqing…

and no more cutting off the bloodflow in my veins with hanging….


I think i’ll just need to be careful.

See Ya,


Clamping does it too right?

Bet on clamping being the worst offender.

I can tell you 100%, that this thing whatever it was, came and went in 1-2 days, but I know for sure it only came after I incorporated 5-10 mins of jelqing after my 6 hanging sets, therefore I’m only going to do the BTB jelqing.some guy on here said take 3 weeks off.well I can tell you I took 0 days off and was able to get rid of it and there was 0 pain, it’s been about a week or two since this thing reared it’s ugly head

It came about 5 days after, I added 5-10 mins of Jelqing to my hanging sets.therefore Jelqing is the offender!


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