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ok i need help here,

ok i need help here,

gents i need yall help, i need to quit one or the other. Is It Drinking or Smoking, please this is important, please choose one.

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I’d say drinking is the worst of the two if you’re an alcoholic.

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Speaking from experience, it would be easier to quit both if both are habits. They go hand in hand, what I mean is if you drink when you smoke and smoke when you drink, when you do one you will most likely do the other. But if you are just a social drinker then I’d advise quiting smoking and also quit drinking until you have quit smoking completely. Good luck bro.

Also, the nicotine gum helps.

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Both. They really go together.

Smoking What? I don’t mean to be silly, it’s just if your talking about social drinking vs. a four pack a day habit, or smoking pot, or crack, or speed, that’s one thing, but if you mean like a 1/2 gallon of whiskey a day vs. the occasional cigar, that’s something else. You must be facing some kind of consequence if you need to quit.

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Assuming your drinking level is normal, i.e. about 3-4 standard drinks a day for a guy, I would recommend giving up smoking. Drinking has some medically redeeming features, in moderation. A medical researcher recently stated that, form the health point of view, a glass of red wine a day is better than a cup of green tea. But smoking is all bad news. Also your loved ones can suffer from passive smoking. From the PE point of view, smoking is a major cause of vascular deterioration, and so impotence or at least diminution of erectile function. If you need help giving up, try practitioners in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional freedom technique) or hypnotherapy.

I’d say smoking,
a) because I never personally put something in my mouth so small
b) only time i smoke is in bed, when im going too fast

Sorry, couldn’t resist ;-)

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Drinking— because there’s no way you’ll be able to stop yourself from smoking when you’re drunk

Also, statistically smoking is harder to quit than almost anything, so if you quit drinking it should give you the confidence to tackle smoking.

I gave up smoking about seven or eight years ago. Also, I hardly every drink (and I used to drink all the time)

I don’t do any drugs whatsoever now and if feels great.

It can be done (the key is to read and research how to do it— read everything you can about the topic. For a straight year if you have to. It can be done if you know how)

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Drinking. Go check it out, it does a hell of alot more damage to the body in a shorter period of time than smoking.

I would stop smoking because an occasional drink once in a while is actually good for your health


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