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I don’t have a problem with being thought of as small. The truth is I am small. I am not tiny. If I was tiny, I must admitt, it would be devistating for a woman to call me tiny.

The problem arises when films like this bidazzled tell the story of a man asking the devil to make him big, or what ever the wish was and then getting to be a 7 ft 2” basketball player but then making his down side of the wish, being him getting a tiny/small penis. Him being given a tiny/small penis, is made into the comical punch line, so to speak. This makes who ever sees the movie think that this is something to be laughed at in life, as a tiny or small penis must surely be a patheticly dissapointmenting thing for a man to have and for a woman to have sex with if it is being made into a joke all the time. I can feel the pain that men with small and tiny penises must have fealt when they saw a man with a tiny penis being potrayed as a joke.

They made the bad part of the deal for the man in the film, being given a tiny penis. This makes people who see the film think that tiny penises are a truly bad thing to have. Other wise it wouldn’t be made into a joke.

Men with small ones shouldn’t be laughed at and made to be jokes by the media.

The truth is, I can’t go more than a couple of days without seeing an advert, film or drama, having a suggestive comment about size being important and men being inadequate. So many jokes and critisisms about men’s size are being broadcasted on television and other mediems and it is very cold and cruel.

We are not freaks to be laughed at with our bodies made into cruel jokes, making women feal they should be dissapointed in what their men might have. Also leaving men feeling they should be ashamed and able to provide more for their women. The media and society has made men and more importantly women, think that a small penis is something to be frowned opon and disgraced about.

It is natural for some men to be created smaller or larger than others. We aren’t freaks!. So why are we laughed at? Not that freaks should ever be laughed at. I would never laugh at a joke that made fun of women with small breasts and it would upset me. Women with small breasts, cellulite or other thing that society wrongly deams unattractive, are not actually made fun of by the media or society. Thank God! So why are men with small penises being put through such humiliation!?

How small did they suggest this man to be in this film by his and other’s reactions to it Anna? I only saw a trailer of the film. What ever the size, it just isn’t right to do that to men. Men have feelings!

I don’t mind being thought of as small by women and I like it when women are honest about size being benificial for them but I do mind women being made to think that smaller men are a dissapointment and a joke. From what you have written so far Anna Nimity, I believe that you are an honest person who respects us enough to give us the truth about size whilst still showing men with smaller penises the respect they equally deserve. Size should never change the level of respect a man is shown in the world.

I hope you like it here so far! Sorry if us men seem totally obsessed by are size. Size is important for women but for men it matters on a whole new level. Believe me!

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Welcome Anna!

Yes, most men on this board are obsessed by penis size but obsession isn’t all bad. PE takes a lot of dedication - like bodybuilding, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, months or years in some cases to achieve any sort of substantial gains. Hours and hours of work, day in day out - without some sort of obsession/dedication/motivation most men couldn’t hack it. So, yes, many of us are obsessed but maybe that’s one of the keys to success.

Only a few months ago my measurements put me in the “small” catagory. All my life I’ve had to contend with unfunny small dick jokes, knock-backs for sex and a string of 1 night stands. From bitter personal experience I know that size matters in everything from self confidence to the physiological mechanics of sex. Currently, my measurements put me into the “average” catagory. I won’t say that all my problems have disappeared overnight but atleast now nobody can demean me by calling me small….. short, yes! Now I’ll get off my soap box! :chuckle:


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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

yes you can definitly become obsessed, as with anything else, when i first started PE i would do alot of stretching everyday, so much infact that my penis was a bit sore the next day, i managed to get from 6.6 inches in length to just under 7 inches in length in 3 months (6 inch starting girth though i don’t want any increase in girth), though my penis was often a bit sore the next day. I suppose you could call me obsessed, going beyond the amount of time on excercises that most people would… its all relative.

Though if i make it to my target of 8 inches long, i don’t know if i will be able to stop at that, i don’t think i will. So i am probably obsessed!

I think that was a very well stated post. It is very true that men are unfairly chastised about their penis size. It is a whole new world of pressure that was practically non-existant a couple of decades ago. I don’t think that people were ‘un-enlighted’ about penis size 20 years ago, rather I think an industry-manufacted frienzy (so-to-speak) has occurred as of recent. I think the biggest reason for this insurgence is profits. Traditionally males are thought to be powerful and manly, this is why movies can be made, making fun of a small penis because males on the whole, should be able to take the abuse—an absolute falsehood. Imagine if a movie was created making fun of a girl who had absolutely no breasts, it would be a hollywood flop to say the least and probably encounter many lawsuits from feminist groups. This just isn’t true when the genders are switched, because of traditional male masculinity.

The truth of the matter is the male ego is probably more sensitive than the female ego. When females get hurt, most display a lot of emotion, talk it over with friends, are unafraid to shed tears, etc; all very healing actions. Males, on the other hand, are naturally far less likely to express such healing emotion ESPECIALLY on a topic so sensitive as penis size.

This has laid the perfect, although immoral, grounds for a new market. Why not chastize the male into buying the latest and greatest PE pills and/or devices. Profits at the expense of the male ego, what a great idea. Obviously advertisements, spam, etc cannot go unnoticed by the female gender. It is a new world that engulfs everyone the media has contact with. The fact is sex is and always has been the number 1 selling commodity, thus anything dealing with sex—penis size, is bound to experience similar interest. With enough persausion and influence, thoughts and feelings about penis size which were once played off inconsequintial are now taken with a grain of salt. The effect snowballs as word reaches greater and greater proportions of the population. Soon, women who formerly had little or no opinion on the issue of penis size now are quite aware of the topic. Women who honestly did not care about penis size before, now truly do care. Why? Because the media tells them to. Perhaps a bigger cock does feel better, who knows…it almost certainly depends on the individual judging. And of course men being men, if penis size is even a slight issue with women (and they express this) it will be an enormous issue with men.

What makes me mad is when people (women and men) make statements not just about themselves but about what EVERY women wants. Those who go so far as to ridicule men based on their penis size alone. There is no golden rule saying a man with a small penis is any less adequate, less manly, or less able to please his partner. The stereotypes that go along with small penis size are exactly that…stereotypes. Insults based on stereotypes are simply unfair. This kind-of thing has gotten lots of other people in hot water: civil rights, femine movement, etc. It would be nice if people could wake up and see this when talking about penis size, but I doubt very much that this will happen for a long time. The media is the number 1 proponant of the sterotypes (a harsh adversary) and the defenders are usually much too timid to even take a stance. It would be OK if the consequences were minimal. Unfortunately, an abused male ego, especially if caused due to attacks to his ‘manhood’ can lead to life-long hardship, insecurities, self esteem problems, even suicide.

I’m glad Thunder’s Place exists, even if it may be adding to the corporate influence. At least it is completely free and very compasionate. Still I doubt very much that I would be member (at my current age) if I had lived in a previous generation.

Holy hell that was a long post!

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If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Art imitates life.

…if you wanna call that piece o’ shit movie “art”.

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Re: Obession

Originally posted by anna nimity
I was wondering if anyone could get obsessed or borderline addicted to enlarging their penis. Like sex addicts get addicted to sex etc.


I’m currently at a desireable size (8 x 6basegirth) but I look into the mirror and still think I’m small. Since I’ve never been in a relationship or had sex I have no idea how big ‘too’ big is. I’m PEing for me. I’m PEing for my own self esteem. I’m PEing because if I can’t get a girl, I might as well have a dick that humiliates the major consensus of guys out there.

Most of my day revolves around PE. I do 4 exercises and try to see how many I can incorporate into my day. Even if I have to cut my workout down 50% because I had no time to do it durning the day, I will. I’ll be stretching, Uli-ing, BTBing, and Wet Jelqing at 3am with class at 8am. If I absolutely miss a workout, I go to sleep unfulfilled. My calender is full of X’s with acronyms for each exercise I do on each day. Next to every month on my calender is written in marker a numerical value of how long I am.

Right now my goal is to gain. Plain and simple. If it’s 1/4” today, then it will be another 1/4” to gain tomorrow. I’ll be PEing as much as I can, for as long as I can.

*oh wow this is a resurrected thread*

Eh… maybe more newer members will post :D

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Now that was a blast from the past.

xscreamj…good post. I am glad you took the time to express what you had to say.

wt282, I am surprised this post even surfaced again. It’s a little old. Glad you responded though. Thank you.

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Unlike a drug addiction (which can be fun at first) PE addiction gives you something back, at least. There are worse things to be addicted to, like wife beating.

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That was an incredible post. I’m simply in awe.


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

For almost every day for the last 1 and a half years I’ve been slogging it out in my bathroom…. I’ve thought about your question Anna and can say that I must be somewhat addicted to gaining size because the issue that broght me to Thunder’s place is no longer an issue.. Point being is that I’m still here and while logic tells me that I do not really need to get any bigger I still feel the ‘need’ to. If that makes any sense… Oh, Btw I love ass


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