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not exactly pe

not exactly pe

What causes you to loose an erection after you have an orgasim?

After an organism or orgasm?

Personaly I don’t anymore since starting PE. I just have to wander around with a post coital hard on, for way too long.

hmm you might need to see a doctor about that but my question stands even misspelled

Actually, having an orgasm and cumming are two separate things. You can have an orgasm without releasing cum and still keep a strong erection.

Why do erections go bye-bye after cumming? I think I read about that somewhere. If I find it, I’ll post it.

okay good luck i couldnt find it anyone else know?

sympathetic vers parasympathetic

You lose your erection after ejaculating because of it’s under the control of sympathetic nervous system while keeping hard is under the control of the parasympathetic. The actions of the 2 nervous stimulation are totally incompatible. When you ejaculate, you deplete all resources and the sympathetic has to work had in order to replenish your reserves. The best way to keep hard after an orgasm consists in not ejaculating. It’s really hard to master.

well the thing is I know im not depleted after ejaculation its seems to only use mabe a third of what i have and odly enough some ejaculations are alot larger than others wich I know can be because of distance between ejaculation and amout of food eaten

Erection and arousal seem to be under control of the parasympathic nervous system. ejaculation and detumescence a function of the sympathetic system. there for at ejacualtion the sympathetic nervous system predominates. If you are wired a certain way the parasympathetic can make an quick almost immediate recovery and salvage your erection before the sympathetic system causes complete detumescence.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

many factors

It depends on the serotonin levels, DHT (active testosterone form for the erection), prostanglandin PGE-1 and many other factors. That’s why diet and resting is essential for sexual performance.

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