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no nocturnal erections

no nocturnal erections

I have been kind of embarrassed to talk about this. I have also put off talking about it because I am afraid someone will tell me it is a serious problem.

It has been over six or seven years that I have woken up in the morning with a hard on. Bear in mind, I am only in my mid-twenties and reasonably fit. I used to jerk off all the time, but I have cut back over the past year. In addition, I’ll sometimes go days without ever getting an erection unless I stimulate myself. And even then, in most case, it is a very weak erection. Is this normal? Does this sound like ED? Could it be low testerone levels? A lot of people tell me I look like a teenager rather than a man in his twenties.

As far as PE goes, I have been making no gains for months and months and months. I’ve tried the DLD blasters, but for some reason it shrinks my flaccid length to the size of a peanut. When I use brief workouts, it keeps my dick pumped but I don’t think I am gaining any size from them. Any help would be appreciated.

spontaneous erections normally decrease in frequency as you get older as does nocturnal erections. If you can get good wood when the need arises, I don’t think you need to worry.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Re: no nocturnal erections

Okay, first of all just because you do not have morning wood does not mean that you are not having the nocturnal erections.

These erections can occur many times during the night. It just might be that you are having yours earlier and not in the morning.

I suggest that you take a piece of tissue about 1 inch wide and 2 layers thick and wrap it around your unit with just an inch overlap and tape it at the overlap.

Do this just before you go to bed and DO NOT make it tight or loose. Make it just the same diameter as your penis.

Go to bed and then check in the morning. If the tissue is broken or torn, you are most likely having nocturnal erections.

If you are unsure about the method, simply set up the tissue and then proceed to get an erection and see if the tissue tears. You can experiment with width and layers until you get the tissue tears and then you know best how to set up for the night.

If you find from this test that you are not getting the nocturnal erections then you might take a good look at your PE routine for too much hanging/stretching and possible too late in the day. Either might affect your ability to get the nocturnal erections.

You may also not be sleeping soundly and your body might not be getting to the depth to allow the nocturnal erections. There are clinics that can help you with this.

Also, a good urologist might be able to shed some light on the issue and can certainly check you for the usual bad actors (such as diabetes).

If I were you I would pursue the issue if for no other reason because I believe the lack of nocturnal erections will stall your PE gains. Secondly, you may have a medical problem that can easily be dealt with and professional is a good place to start. I hope you the best and I would like to hear how you come out.

I have never lived this long before. - Dash

I had the same deal as you, with weak erections.

It was the stretching that hurt me.

Also getting off regularly helped, like once a day. Getting really aroused with no release really screws me up too. Also jelqing is beneficial. Just make sure to allow sufficient time before sexual activity.

I bet if you jelq, cool it on the stretching, and maintain regular masturbation sessions, at least once every two or three days, you should be fine. Keep us updated!

Here’s a simple experiment to try tonight before you go to bed. Drink a couple glasses of water just before you retire for the night, and see by morning, or if you have to wake up and go to washroom in the middle of the night, check then for the erection. I always drink a glass of water before retiring for the night, and wake up with the morning woody.

Sometimes, I wake up because I notice that I’ve got an erection.

Give some thought to your workout routines; also a consultation with an urologist may give you his opinion of the matter.



If I do any kind of heavy duty manual stretching it will effect my hard ons even at night. I have cut down on the stretching a little I enjoy my hard on’s to much. As much as I’m looking for a fast gain it can’t be a good thing if your dick don’t work right. With the bib I don’t have a problem but when I start with those manual stretches it effects the quality of my hard on.



Iin our files section at…-Impotence-ASI/

From Expanding ED Treatment Options

“Diagnostic Assessments”
First-line Testing: Laboratory Assessments

“……testosterone supplementation.[30-33] A small (n = 8) double-blind clinical trial involving men with hypogonadism demonstrated that both sexual interest and nocturnal erections were androgen dependent.[32””

My PCP lets me tell him which sex hormone tests I want done…Fall ’01 I was perusing site of lab he uses

“Use Free and weakly bound testosterone (FWBT), also referred to as
bioavailable testosterone, is thought to reflect an individual’s
biologically active, circulating testosterone. FWBT includes free
testosterone and testosterone that is bound to albumin. FWBT does not
include sex hormone binding globulin-bound testosterone. The SHBG-bound
fraction is biologically inactive because of the high binding affinity of
SHBG for testosterone. The rapid dissociation of “weakly bound” testosterone
from albumin results in the availability of essentially all albumin-bound
testosterone for steroid-receptor interaction.1”

IMO, FWBT is state of the art T testing.

You might also consider taking L-Arginine (LA) at bedtime…LA is an amino acid that is precursor for the gas nitric oxide (NO) that causes erections.

Nocturnal erections and piss hardons are completely involuntary and non sexual in nature. Our dick is being supplied with fresh oxygenated blood and tissue wastes transported away.

OR eon
65 yo


I’m impressed, you seem to have quite a bit of medical knowledge in spite of being a non MD. Welcome and don’t keep all your pearls to yourself!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Erections happen during REM sleep. Im sure you are still having them but maybe when your waking your in a different stage and it wore off.

This is one of my favorite links about what I call “piss hardons”

“….The correct explanation for
morning erections involves the way nighttime sleep is organized. We have
most of our REM sleep in the early morning, usually between 4 - 7 AM.
Therefore, each morning we are very likely to awaken directly from REM sleep
or, at the very least, soon after a long REM period has ended. Thus, men are
very likely to awaken in the morning with a REM sleep-related erection.”

I can almost set my clock/watch by my piss hardons (PHs) that occur between 4 – 7 AM.

It was really fascinating this weekend…Sunday morning my PHs did not begin until 5:00 AM which was 4:00 AM daylight savings time.

These are two good links on nocturnal erections (NEs)/PHs

Not to be an alarmist, but if you are unaware of any NEs/PHs I would become a little concerned because they serve very important function(s).

Pumping your dick regularly and taking L-Arginine might be helpful…

Good luck…

OR eon
65 yo

Originally posted by luvdadus
I'm impressed, you seem to have quite a bit of medical knowledge in spite of being a non MD. Welcome and don't keep all your pearls to yourself!!


With modesty…I earned my Ph.D. from a medical school and was on faculty of three medical schools. I’m an information junkie….I like quoting direct source”.

BTW note you are from LA…I graduated from Centenary College…Shreveport.

OR eon
65 yo


My daughter wanted to go to that school for a while but couldn’t really tell us why there and not elsewere. She has decided to go for undergrad at the local university. (She will be 18 at the end of this month).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


To improve nocturnal erections, you can try taking catuaba before bed time. It’s a Brazilian aphrodisiac herb reputed to induce erotic dreams. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now, and I have noticed a significant increase in dream sleep, which is when most nocturnal erections occur.


Catuaba is great, but I prefer a regular daily dose of Ginko Biloba. Also instead of L-arginine in the tablet form, I highly recommend desicatted liver. It is loaded with both tons of L-arg and tons of vitamin Bs. Horny Goat Weed is also excellent.


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