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New ULI device... some nice benefits... Safer! Cable clamps

Anybody have a link to a pic of the hose clamps? (not cable clamps…I’m curious to see the difference)

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When I started doing extreme uli’s I never did them longer than 5 mins, now I’m doing them for 7 mins. I tighten the clamp at the base tight enough for my dick not to go semi or soft, which does require retightening after a couple mins. People who do extreme uli’s for over 10 mins probably don’t tighten their clamps as much as I do. My dick darkens too but I wouldn’t know how much is normal and or still safe. It could be your dick isn’t conditioned enough from normal uli’s yet.

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I stay clamped for 15 minutes at a time. In between sets, I loosen the clamp and massage for a few minutes before getting almost fully erect and tightening the clamp again. I do 4 to 5 sets of 15 minutes each. Yeah, my dick turns a slightly dark purple, and afterwards my dick is two-toned with a normal flesh-colored base and a darker shaft. It’s like a tan line almost… it goes from normal to darker as if there’s a line drawn on my shaft right where the clamp was.

I don’t really care about this discoloration if it’ll get me results.

Would it be better to perform exercises while clamped (like jelqing or horse squeezes)? Or is just being in the clamp for a set time without touching it enough for growth?

Being in the clamp as you put it should already be enough to gain girth when you’re starting with this. I kept doing them like this for about 2 months to cement the gains from the first 1-2 weeks. I don’t know if that’s the amount of time it takes however I do know after that I had no problems gaining girth again after increasing the intensity of the extreme uli’s. I intensified it by adding a horse squeeze not sure if jelqing is the way to go.

Yeah, I’ve been doing Extreme Ulies for a while now, but was wondering if I could do more than just sit there during my set.

I do some horse squeezes and it really seems to expand the shaft well. I never liked the feel of jelqing with a clamp on. It didn’t feel right.

I’ll let ya know if my new clamp routine is effective. 4 sets of 15 minutes with some horse squeezes thrown in.

well, I’m on the last set of a clamped horse squeeze workout, and I must say my cock is much fatter than if I had just left the clamp on and did nothing else.

I got the two-toned tan look two when I first started doing the hose clamps. That look has gone away, largely I believe because of pumping, which I supplement with this exercise.

I also find that I soften up a minute or two after I fully apply the clamp. I think in part this is due to a lessening erection but I also think it is brought on by the tissues expanding from the increased pressure.

Another technique I’ve added, expecially after I’ve “softened” after having applied the clamp is using a croakie (one of those neoprene rubber attachments that you put on the back of sunglasses to keep them from sliding off your head) as a tourniquet (just in front of the clamp toward the glans usually but I’ve also tried behind the clamp). The croakie will give an aid to the clamp in upping the pressure that is better and less tiring than if you were to use your hand but is more flexible and easier to apply than an additional clamp.

I can tell you that the addition of the wrapped croakie really ramps the pressure up and I’m only able to take about 2 minutes of it. The old tally gets quite dark and angry. Best of all it gets quite thick, then combined with some pump sessions (the pump sessions are separate. I’m not quite crazy enough to try to integrate the two.) and I feel good girth gains are on the way!

I have been doing Uli’s in between my hanging sessions and i must say i am amazed with the results, I get a better stretch when hanging, better engorgement when i stroke after hanging and all over just a thicker feeling penis.

Glad to have tried these and to have incorporated them into my routine.

Anymore success stories with the Cable clamps?

I had a temporary gain of 0.12 inches but I had to take a break due to injury and lost the uncemented girth :'

On the plus side, the increased girth only took me about two weeks to achieve.

When you use the cable clamp, do you do it so the clamp is in the position where its shaped like an oval so its sort of coming down in a top to bottom fashion, or clamp it on your dick vertically so the shape looks like a cats eye and applies more side to side pressure? Thanks.

Use the cableclamp with the hinge at the bottom so it applies lateral pressure.

“Lateral” would definitely have made my original post sound a bit more intelligent than saying “cats eye” but that’s all I could think of :-)

I clamped the first two times with the hinge off to the side applying more top to bottom pressure, which I should have known better, and slightly irritated the nerves in my penis, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing it wrong, or if it was supposed to feel that way so I had to ask. It just seem that positioning it so it went around the penis in the more flatter oval shape looked like it would “fit” my penis better rather than with the “cats eye” vertical fashion. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks.



You started this thread, and added a few pics - one of the clamp wrapped in tape. I last nite drilled two small holes and added a stainless wire laced into each on either side. Then I filled in the clamp voids on the “top side” to pad out as a shaped hanger buffer. I set it on the monitor all nite to cure. This morning I added a light tape wrap and have been able to hang 25# + with amazement on the ease. This thing is on and off - and comfortable. My Tom Hubbard style hanger is now in retirement! It’s a good hanger still but no where near as fast The cable cuff hanger is going to get some hours on it and heavy ones at that. Thanks for the idea - the cable cuff is great to Uli with but also can be a great hanger too.

Start a thread and lets see what it looks like I would like to check out because I had the same though a while back

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