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New moderator

New moderator

Hey guys,
I’ve added Phat to the moderator list. Give him a few days to get used to the software before you ask him too many questions, which I’m sure he will get quite a few. For you newer guys, Phat is an experienced hand (pun intended) at PE and knows what he is talking about, so don’t let the post count fool you.

You’re the “new” guy on the block now, any questions just ask. Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard!

Good to see you again.



I’m honored to suddenly be a moderator again.

I have little time for the board right now, aside from my emotional state.

Maybe when I get more perspective on life, I can be of some help.

I used to love to help guys. I’m a straight shooter.

Right now, I can only anwswer short specific questions because I just cannot

To be honest, I’m here today mainly to see what you guys wrote, as I was
sort of embarrased to come back. Blush……..

I have not been active in PE for several months for all sorts of reasons, but I have
radically changed what I do. I was going random when I left the board as a regular.

I have continued that.

I have gotten HUGE girth success, finally!!!!!, from of all things, simple DRY jelquing, mostly
just a power squeeze at the very very base with a 100% erection. Sometimes I let go with a
95%er,. I make the shaft turn red with blood, and sometimes run my whole hand (OK)
about “half” way up, that is the secret, don’t go to the glans. That hurts and IMHO is at least
for me counterproductive. I can do this in my office, in the car, at home on the bow flex, and
I don’t have some set time limit and I rarely use lube now. I do occasionally. The only
problem is chaffing and dry skin. Vaseline intensive care takes care of that.

Sometimes I get so big around that my uncut foreskin cannot accomodate it and it swells and gets
red. It cannot stretch enough, man oh man. I work on that problem by “training” the foreskin with keeping it retracted during duing the day or
when I go to sleep

My problem the past 3 weeks is I CANNOT SLEEP !

I still hang with Bib’s hanger. I do almost 100% between the cheek, oh from 12 pounds up to maybe 22 right
now. I was at 29 back in August before a terrrible bout with yeast sidetracked me for two months.

I hang BTC lying on my bed side propped up on a pillow, and I put my feet all the way up on an ironing board. I
put a big pillow on the ironing board and I put it all the way up as high as it will go.

This gives me the M AXIMUM downward angle, and it goes between my balls through my ass checks. You cannot
get a more radical angle than this. I get lots of foreskin swelling and discoloration, but I persevere. I’m working
on a one day on two days off hang, but I have so many distractions. When I came back from the yeast thing, iI
had to go WAYYYYYYy down in weight, only ten pounds or so.

That exhausts my entire brain on PE for now.


Oh, BTW--bib hanger and girth gains

This is it for me today.

I have really enjoyed being here, it’s good therapy. I even got in a good
dry jelq in my office, and that was a first for the past few miserable days.

As to my great girth success, I think BTC hanging is helping the base girth a lot.

Several intense BTC sessions have resulted in 8 inch (three inches across) base
girth, and a sort of pumped thick look. It feels very very cavernous, like
blood vessels are expanding. It will peak at my second to third set of 20 minute hangs, and then
it subsides usually.

I have a lump at the middle of the base too, from hanging, which seems to spread over the base and an
inch upward to greatly thicken the girth.

For what it’s worth.


Congratulations phat9, I am so glad that you got the moderator’s job. So much of us out there need a down to earth guy like you. Why is it that a guy with a large dick automatically gets respect? I mean, when a guy hears about another guy’s accomplishments in obtaining a large dick, right away, deservingly so, the respect is there. When I first heard about Bib,….right away, respect was there.I think because every man’s dream is to have a large dick and it takes perseverence, dedication and alot of work to accomplish this. Now that you succeeded, who else can better guide than someone who succeeded. Congratulations, and I hope we keep you so busy that you wont have time to think about anything else. Goodluck buddy.


You sound like a nice guy who means well, and I respect you.

But , equating a big thick dick with respect for humanity is a real stretch.

Sometimes I think I don’t have this thing, but it’s there, and I try my best to not be
obsessed about it.
It should not equate to respect as a human being…….if you get my dirift.

But I’d be lying if I said it is not my rock of Gibraltor either. Hell yea, it gives me some
sense of security that is just infinite.

Don’t look up to a man just because he is blessed with a big pieece of flesh (the Biblical term for
penis). Look within him. Some of the biggest assholes and jerks on the face of the planet are
guys with what we term “monster cocks” (over 11 inches ). In a war, you would not want them
next to you in a foxhole. They only care about themselves and they are not good people, many of them
not all of course.

I respect a man with a 4.5 incher ust as much as a 9 or 10 incher, maybe even more, because he has to
filter his soul and persona thru a less secure and rich filter than others. If fact, I can learn more from him
than I can the John Holmes and Remington Steele’s of he world. They are, sorry to say, not the very nicest
or most loving and caring humans. I guess ole Remington might want t o sue little ole me.

The beauty of humans does not lie in body parts.

I’m pontificating here……and I apologize.

I appreciate your respect, for whatever reason you feel. Your feelings are yours and yours alone and they are
rea l in that context to you. Go with it.



Congratulations on becoming a Moderator. I hope there not adding all these Moderators cause of me. Im not that bad am I ? lol :spy:

A female responding me to me................

Now THAT is good therapy.

I guess you know all about me.



No I dont know all about you! But Im all ears & very understanding! :bigwink:


Let’s see now, 164 posts in 14 months……hmmmmmmmmm

Nowhere near what I did, but impressive . Is there sexual discrimminatin here?

Just joking to drown my broken heart, sorry.

Very impressive. You must have an interest in men. Most men are dogs as you know and you
have to really pick the good ones with spirit in them. As you have read my story, take a risk
and never settle for second best.

I wish I had read your posts because you were not posting when I was VERY active on this board.

There was a time when I almost ruled this board……hehehehe.

I can’t believe I’m back here today. From death even.


PHAT9 you are 1000% right. I guess I wasnt thinking of the jerks when I said that. I was just talking about respectable people and I didnt say that to say that men with small tools dont earn respect. My point was that respectable men with big tools get instant …well respect isnt the right word for what I was saying..they get instant…admiration. Thats the correct word I was looking for. I guess there is a vast difference in the meaning hey. I goofed, but thanks for picking it up and man you are one deep guy when you make your points. I think that Im going to learn alot from you. Thanks.

Kabar, if that's true

then, why am I sitting here fucking suicidal with my fucking heart on the floor with my guts?

Sorry, I do understand you, and you are not familiar with my “different” take on things.
You are righjt, and I admit I played a game with you I should not have. Sorry. I just
hate to be equated with my big dick. I am so much more than that.

But I appreaciate your respect. I hope what I say helps you in whatever it is
that you need.




Hey broken hearts mend eventually. I have had a few myself & I got over it. You will too. If you need a woman to talk to Im here. I will try to help you see the light if I can. Sorry your having such a rough time its tough going through that mess. It may seem like it but its not the end of the world. Might be just the beginning actually. There has to be endings for there to be begginings.:boogie:


You are very sweet, but………

I do not want to give you the answer I would have to give you. You cannot understand what has happened to me, no matter how many broken hearts you have suffered, and relationships you have “broken up” with. I’ve been divorced twice and had 43 other relationships and one live in with a 19 year old nympho (my student, ahhhhhhh) and not one of them was even 100 light years close to the pain and suffering of losing the one true love of one’s life. I can damn well compare this to the others. I’m not replacing her ever, much less anytime soon. Should I? Good question.

Bib is convinced it’s not over so my ambiguity is another complication beyond my feeble ability to explain here.

I am not judging you, please, but you just don’t know the situation and I cannot get into it with you now. Bib understands what sort of relationship this is only because he is so fucking close to the source. From your vantage point, it’s so simple, just recover and find something better. That is what I could always do, fairly easily with some pain of course.

Not this. Thus, your answer is not relevant for me. I will pick up and move on, but I cannot get this love of my life (and me to her) out of my heart. That will interfere with the next one. I cannot have closure on this one. I hope to get that somehow. We are both so in love. Still.

I am fucking 51. Gimme a break. I do look damn good though, I must admit it. I am not vain, just honest. I live in a shit fuck small provincial town in a shit fuck bumpkin state. I would have to travel the world to find someone like this, without going down to second or third best. I do not want second best anymore. I know now what love is all about for the first time in my life, and the dynamite sex just punctuated it. Sex, of course, could be conducted at what Dr. Schnarch calls the “trance” level, grunts and moans. Not the “engagement” level, almost Tantric like. Yea, I can do the trance thing very very well. That is a far cry from the total spiritual package we had. Again, you may or may not have any idea what I’m talking about. Most people don’t have a clue.

I wish you could know diamondwinds the depth of passion and honor and love we share. It’s so different than anything I have ever experienced. It’s just not, get up and find someone better.

I do appreciate your thoughts and I do not seek to derail your attempts to help me, but I need fresh, new and “workable” solutions. I’m open to innovative ideas. Not the same ole same ole. I do listen girl, so don’t hesitate because I’m depressed.

I will take care of myself and I have a lot to offer. That is the good part, but there is just no where to park my package anytime soon and I’m somewhat impatient at my age. I have dabbled on the swinger boards, but that was more to fullfill my love’s fantasy for a threesome with another woman. I doubt with her guilt she could pull it off, but we play acted it all the time. I like adventurous “role playing” in public too. So much fun.

I want to make a difference to people. I want a Passionate Marriage/relationship to the day I die, sex all the time everywhere, romance in bloom, in love every day, yet able to differentiate the different personalities in the crucible of separateness. Relationships do not mean two people become one, and you know that since you realized the problem in your marriages. I too want to grow in solving the everyday ups and downs in mutual honor. That was what we had and planned. So close, yet conditions beyond my control got in the way.

DW, if you want to know me, here are the words: romantic, sexy, viril, “symbolic” almost in a corny way, naughty, good father, and monagomous to the hilt…….hehehe, that is my downfall, and I’m faithful as a lark when in a relationship. I have a porno body in a Baptist brain with a Lutheran spirit, so that’s two against one, hehe.
No wonder I’m depressed, LOL.

I lost a big part of my soul Diamondwinds.



I dont think there is any one thing anybody can actually say that would make you feel better. But you sound as wonderful as what you seemed to have lost. Seems like you have a lot of wonderful gifts of your self to give! You dont sound like your through giving them.Your not anywhere near done or you woulnt be trying anymore & you woulnt care anymore. But You do care & you will find places that will cherish your loving unselfish worths from your heart. Somethings are where you would never think to look & theres a great need for good men. They really are scarce. I hope for you the very best. because thats what you really deserve!


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