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New Moderator

New Moderator

Hey guys,
YGuy is our latest moderator. He has been doing an great job moderating on the PD board and gives excellent pep talks to those who will listen. I guess it is his turn with the Newbies, huh? :D

Welcome aboard YGuy ! Any questions, just ask, we will make something up if we don’t know the answer.

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Alright YGuy!Thats great news. Now I have someone to ask questions. I will take it easy on you for a while. lol Congradulations

Good choice. I’m surprised YGuy isn’t already a mod.


Great choice on yguy if we ever needed a official pe poster boy he should be it. Great inspiration to us all.


Congrat’s Yguy!

You save my ass from being the latest mod:)
Don’t worry it’s not that difficult - they would’nt make ME a mod if it was LOL

You made it a habbit to give innocent pe’ers the shock treatment (-one minute you are a happy little pe’er and BOOM the next minute you’re a Mod!)

ù ì å í


Thanx Thunder… I’ll do ya proud. You and Big Al do have alot in common. Thats twice now I’ve been surprised with it. I’ll do my best =). The comments from you guys had me blushing LOL … Watch out Newbies’, there’s a new moderator in town.

Luckily I got some Moderator experience from the PD Board. I’ll try to keep up with the Newbies here ;)

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


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