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Need something new

Need something new

I went to do my routine today and it (just as usual) took much longer than it should have. The reason: inability to keep a 75% erection while jelqing. I’ve tried different things but I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I just can’t keep it UP for the necessary period of time. I’m only able to keep the necessary erection level for long enough to do 10-15 jelqs. After my 10-15, I have to stop, take the 20-30 seconds necessary to get my unit back to the level that is necessary, and then resume. It’s just not practical. It takes forever to do 300 jelqs.

Finally, that being said, what kind of PE exercises, that yeild both length and girth (aside from the standard stretches) can I do? Input and thoughts much appreciated. Cheers.

Maybe some evil print or video material? Maybe overdoing it? You worrying so much about keeping a 75% erection is probably why you can’t, relax and see if that helps, there is nothing wrong with jelqing at 75% anyway.

Well, for girth and length at the same time I’m still trying, but what I can say is forget the evil bs and stop worringing about problems and use your intuition more when doing the excersizes (be more natural about it).. Don’t overdo them, just jelq and stretch tell your ligaments and whole penis feels like it’s been through a nice workout worthy of gains, a little sore.. When you stretch it helps me to keep in mind that you want to keep strong intensity and throughout the whole penis stretch in various angles I’ve found. Put another way that same strong intense feeling when you start slightly with finesse quickly pull out your penis after you get your good tight grip on your penis head you want to feel a intense stretch for the whole rep in as much time as possible.

As far as jelqing goes lately I’ve mainly been going for length only, girth is ok, and I’ve been doing my jelqing fairly quickly strokes for about 30 mins which helps a lot for keeping your length throughtout the day (no shrunken flaccid penis) and making good gains quickly. I also try to eat a healthy diet, trying to get good sleep but hasen’t been the greatest lately.


I find that jelqing before stretching helps. It takes me sometimes up to 5 mins before I get to the desired erect level of 50 to 75%. I start with a palms down or overhand grip to work some blood. this is performed with a light grip only for around a minute or so then switch to underhand grip with light to moderate pressure. I then alternate the grips every 50 or so with a moderate grip pressure. The underhand grip gets me more erect usually.

If I decide that time is short and just can’t get there some days, then don’t waste it, just make it a stretch only day. Also I find that I can get a better erection immediately after getting out of bed in mornings.

Mr. Nine and everyone else,

I’ve tried the magazine and video material. I’m not tensed or overly concerned about keeping a 75% erection. I just can’t seem to keep it up at the level I want/need. It’s just not practical time wise when you consider how long it takes me to do even the Newbie Routine with this difficulty. If I don’t have any other options, then I’ll just have to deal with it an spend the extra time, but I’d like an alternative if there is one. What about clamping or something of that nature?

Are you sure you’re reading for erect jelqing? That is kind of dangerous if you’re not. Maybe your penis is telling you something.

Hey andgrowing. I feel your pain. I was the same way with jelqing. I couldn’t keep 75% past 75 strokes anymore. Due to circumstances at home I decided to switch to dry jelqing. Man what a difference that made. Dry and sitting down, which is 180 degrees from I used to do. I alternate hands every 25 strokes and do palm up strokes with the right hand and palm down strokes with the left hand. I have been able to bang out about 200 strokes or so before needing to take a 20-30 sec break to “refuel”.

You can try clamping, but I would start with manual clamping and take it easy at first.


What is the difference between regular clamping and manual clamping?


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