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Need some help...

Need some help...

To go along w/ jelqing and pumping, I wanted to incorporate the use of a penismaster. Now here is the problem. I found the site and filled out form, etc. When I clicked on to submit order, a reply came up stating stating something in German that there is a problem and needed to add something. When I went back to look, I didn’t see any problem. Is there a good site to order the penismaster from w/out trying to interpret an unknown tongue or does someone have another suggestion?

Goingstrongat forty

Do a search on google. I found the English link no probs. Had no trouble ordering either.


You can use this page to covert Euros to Dollars. Don’t believe it if it says the price is $149 with shipping. That might have been true when the web site was set up and the Euro and Dollar had equivalent values. The Dollar is down now, expect to pay around $170 with shipping.

I saw a post either on Thunder’s or PE forum in which a man explained how he made his own version of the penismaster. He had pics, it looked pretty damn good. I’ve been meaning to find that post again, I’ve been thinking about duplicating it.

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I appreciate all the help. Finally, got the dang thing ordered!

Goingstrongat forty


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