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My whole package is lower


Stretching the ligs means exactly that. Since ligs are there to make your penis hang at a given length, stretching them will make your penis hang lower. It will not create more erect length because the penis is tied to your body from the inside, by corpora cavernosa, not from the outisde by the ligs. Your penis cant’ ‘shift out’ if you cut the ligs.

Stretching the ligs does not automatically make your penis hang lower under all circumstances. The proper terminology would be “weakening” the ligs; the induced stretch weakens the ligs but does not necessarily translate to a lower hang (this is erroneous and misleading in my opinion.) Here again, the balloon analogy applies. A new balloon out of the bag will weaken upon subsequent air fills, but the balloon absent air will be relatively the same size as the fresh balloon in the bag. So, weakening has resulted in a lower air pressure to inflate the balloon. Physiology will be different across the population and stretching the ligs does not result in permanent elongation or a “stretched out penis,” (if it did, we could stretch like play-doh to the floor.)

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.


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