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Mrs. Shooter and PE confessions


I guess I can see both sides. If I wasn’t in a long term relationship I wouldn’t tell. I think if you plan on bing with a woman you should tell her. If she freaks or makes fun of you than maybe you just shouldn’t be together.

I think that your attitude and confidence can gave a lot to do with how she will react. Like GonaBeBig tells people and doesn’t worry about it. If he wasn’t forthright and confident they might make fun of him about it.

I agree with the idea that woman stop at nothing to be more attractive. So, we should be able to do PE without ridicule.

The cat is out of the bag with Mrs. Shooter; now I really don’t care who knows.

Well a wife who was benefitial in this area, might let the unit rest in a mouth after a pump/jelq/stretch session.

Do not come. Just let it rest there and stretch out…

I should add, way to go. I think its a good thing, especially since it is not well know that it is even possible. I think it is probably easier to tell a woman “hey I read about this and I’m going to try it, I’ve got nothing to lose.” than it is to hide it and have her walk in on you with weights hanging from your dick as you try to explain what you are doing and that you thought she would think you were weird.

A couple who are friends of mine know I do it; the guy would except he is just too lazy. It’s really no different than anything anyone else does for self improvement other than gargantuan stigma attached to penis size.

I’m really surprised that jelqing has not caught on as an alternative therapy to ED drugs actually; the benefits to penis health and erection quality make that worth it without any size gains in my opinion.

I guess I’m not surprised thinking about it; it’s much easier to take a pill, just like it’s much easier to get fat and blame heredity, glands, or anything else rather than exert the discipline required to correct it.


Now I’m depressed :)

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Originally Posted by Antistar
I’ll play devil’s advocate.

It’s cool to do this with a longterm partner BUT I wouldn’t want to do this with any kind of girlfriend or fling. Why? Well, there’s always the potential danger of her offhandedly remarking something like ‘how long does it take to grow’ or ‘when will it be bigger’ or some other such nonsense. That kind of thing cuts deep.

In more cases than not, you could say, How long did it take you to get that big ass?

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^Is that supposed to be an issult?

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Originally Posted by shooter35
She seems intrigued by the whole PE thing.

Uhh, yeah.

That’s because you have managed to somehow convey the impression to her that you are PE’ing for her benefit…


I’m glad that worked out for you! It wouldn’t go so well for me. I’m afraid my GF would not be happy. She already says that I am long enough to cause her some discomfort if I use the whole thing. If she knew I was trying to get bigger, knowing that, she would be pissed at me, actually. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her as long as I’m careful how I use it.


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