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Motivation and Measuring

Motivation and Measuring

Let’s review and compare Penis Enlargement (Manual Jelq) and Body Building.

Body Building is much easier because with every training day, with every set and even with every single movement you can see exactly your results (more reps or bigger weight). So each and every movement makes me happy because with every movement I can see my results growing (even if they are growing slow I can still see moving toward my goals). With Penis Enlargement not only I don’t know value of each Jelq (am I great today? am I weak today? Do I as good as yesterday did or worse or better?) but I cannot even measure weekly because enlargement at 1/16 of inch is impossibly to see. Only measuring once or twice per month makes sence. This situation is not good for motivation. I think if somebody invents device or equipment which will make possible to measure exactly results more often, and even to force to make jelqs of definite strength and quality (say, neither weaker nor worse than before), then this equipment will have huge success because it will motivate! Just imagine: you can see EVERYDAY your penis grown at 1/100 inch. Just imagine that you know for 100% sure, guaranteed, that your penis will be 3 inches bigger after one year. And just imagine that after each jelqing you can tell yourself “this jelqing session was done a little bit better than yesterday so I can be quiete and sure that future results are guaranteed objectively”. Knowing value of each your movement will motivate tremendously! Has anybody ideas for such equipment? Sorry for poor english, english is not my first language :)

I measure after each jelqing session, to gauge how effective that session has been. I do a bone pressed flaccid. Its not for the record but gives you an idea when you’ve had a good session.

P9 mentioned on PEforum recently that he uses calipers to measure the flaccid post workout. That seems like a pretty good way to check for minor gains. Unfortunately the thread is in the progress reports section so you need an account to view it.

That is a good idea but very unlikely someone will come up with that.

As for the messuring ive been in pe for 2 months and i don t have 1 exact account of how big my dick is.2 days ago i took one (i start to shrink the second i pull out the ruler lol)so i didnt have full was about 7so fully hard maybe over 7inches lenght.I am going to take serious mesurments starting the first of dec. and i will post. and for those wondering yes i did gain mostley flaccid but like i said i didnt mesure.

inconsistency problem

hi Dim,

I think that you will find that having a “universe” tool to measure your progress in PE even to a 1/100th of an inch would be a unless item. The reason I say this is that there are many other variables each moment of each day which can effect the size of your penis.

Obviously we all have some days when our erections are harder, bigger and more full than on others. The reasons for this can very but needless to say it would make even the most accurate reading of your progress questionable.

The only way you can tell for sure is when you hit a plateau that you have never been at before and unfortunately that means a visible gain which can take some time.

Good Luck and stay persistant!


measure once a month

It is good to measure once a month.

Already hung just want more! Starting at 8 nbpel, 6.5 base girth, 6.25 mid shaft, 6 under glands. Going for 10 nbpel, 7.5 base girth, 7.25 mid shaft, 7 under glands.

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