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Morning Wood?


I usuauly don’t get them and I don’t have ed, I not sure what it is. I think overall my sex drive is lower then it should be. My test and everything is fine and I’m only 19. When I need to get it up I can it it works fine. But I’m fine with only masturbating once every 5 or 6 days ( sinc emy woman is gone for a few months).

Now the question is, how does one get that morning wood on command when one is with a female, and after having several brews.

The answer would be taking viagra pills…which is unhealthy because its an enzyme inhibitor? Or something to do with that.

I lost my wood in my mid 30ties after becoming very obese due to insulin resistance syndrome. After gettting fitter and leaner (though far from optimal still) it came back. I am now 45 and still awake with a fair erection. What bothers me though, is that I never in my life had an erection above 3 O’clock, not even in my young days. I assume people are different. Young perfectly well people may experience hard rock erctions but not much MW and others do have MW but at all times not so hard.

ZMA will give you nocturnal erection for sure. Give it a try!

Some of you guys are way too young to be experiencing this. If you don’t get a handle on it you definitely aren’t gonna like certain aspects of the aging process. If you want, go to the MOS site and read about what happened to me. It’s fixable.

Hang or jelq before going to bed every night for about two to three weeks and you’ll be right as the wind. And I’m talking about angry, skin stretching erections.

I never had any ED. I am 40 years old and never thought of missing morning wood before. Since starting PE I have had a few periods 1-2 weeks long where the morning wood (and my libido) is practically all gone. Then it comes back.
I think this is completely normal and I probably always had these periods. It is just that when doing PE, you have so mucj attention on your dick and erections that you notice these periods right away. Before, when not PEing, I never noticed that I had 1-2 weeks without morning wood (probably)

I wouldn’t worry unless they stay away for a long long time. My periods often coincide with otherwise bad periods with stress, depression, heavy workload, etc.


OCD, I don’t even need to jelq. If my wife isn’t up to some fun, I make sure to edge each night and morning
about 20 minutes and I get my wood.


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TIP and random woods.

It might not happen every morning, sometimes at night, but every day without fail a fleeting sexual thought, or upon visual cue with silent acknowledgement(“Pull over that ass to phat!”), or even when I used to clock into work;

“Banner” stands with intention to do harm.:green:


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