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Mods, was my smot poker post uncalled for?

Mods, was my smot poker post uncalled for?

I didn’t mean to try to lure or mislead anybody to the site.

I just wanted to know if it was legit. Sorry if I caused any trouble.

I moved it to the Not Covered Elsewhere forum. This forum is only for PE-related topics.

Okay, just checking :D

LonerJ, if you are going to post something like that you should try out the product and then post a review.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

That was the whole point, I wanted to see if somebody could recommend it to me :D

I was pretty shocked when I saw drugs being sold online except they’re not drugs when the THC is taken out ;)

I’ll get back to the smot pokers when I do get a chance :)


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