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Modified Jelq Technique

Modified Jelq Technique

Hey guys I know it has been a while since I have posted, but I have disappeared. I was jelqing the other day and I tried something a little bit different. By no means am I taking credit for inventing a new exercise I just liked the results I was getting. I start my jelq with my penis pointed straight up 12 o’clock, then as my hand goes higher up my shaft, I push my penis out and down so I am at 6 o’clock when I finish. Besides and increase in pressure at the head, I also get a nice lig stretch as well. I began to see red spots after only 150 jelqs and my ligs feel fatigued afterwards as well. Waiting until Saturday to measure so I can’t tell you if have made any gains from this technique but it feels more worked out after I finish. Hope this helps some of you out.

Sounds like a good way of getting an extra stretch

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