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Mentors needed.


Is there a list of people waiting to be mentored?I have signed up a few weeks ago ,and was wondering that if the list gets to long will you still start from the begining of the list,or just start a new one?

There is a waiting list at this time. DarkTrick will probably see this post tomorrow morning and tell us how long the waiting list is.

We would go from the top of the current list, not make another list. First come, first served. If some guys change their minds or wonder off, the mentor will just get member assigned to him.

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How many mentorees are assigned to the mentor?

Originally posted by ThunderSS
As many as he can stand, er, as he wants, up to the point of ridiculousness.

So we can add your name to the list SS??

I can take more in a couple days if that helps.

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Crap… you ask a simple question and get yourself signed up… ;)

PM coming your way soon.

I have time for a few more. I’m trying to build a posse, and infect them with my subliminal messages contained in the PM’s and posts I have done at this forum send me $1000 since I first signed up.

Then we will take over the forums by force, and copy all information to SS4splace, where everyone in my posse will gain instant moderator status.


PS Everything in this post is a joke and not to be taken seriously, apart from the first sentance.

I wouldn’t mind being a mentor one day, but at this stage in my PE adventure I am not experienced enough, One day I will put my hand up.

BTW. I think i have just received my first gains:)


Actually there is no waiting list, I assign guys out as soon as they come in (usually). Delays are caused by a mentor not wanting to mentoree a particular person, and then I have to find another place for him. Those PMs sometimes take time to get back and forth. Some mentors are not quick to read their PMs, and some just dont reply.

Originally posted by Dragster
I have signed up a few weeks ago ,and was wondering that if the list gets to long will you still start from the begining of the list,or just start a new one?

You were assigned to LedZep at that time. Perhaps he’s not been around, or not reading his PMs. I will resend your data to him again. Sorry for the mixup. If you get no response in a day or so, PM me and I’ll find another slot.

SS4, thanks for your help. You’re carrying quite a few guys, but are always willing to take another on when I’m stuck, and I appreciate that - Thanks.

SuperStroker, my friend, are you now a Mentor ? If so, glad to have you.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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I would like to request a mentor, or even simpler someone who can give me a routine that worked for them so I can try and become consistant. Particularly some who started with a 6” and gained from there. I’m at 6.5 EBP now, and my goal is a 7.25 non bone pressed. My LOT is 7:30. Thanks guys.


Did you read the newbie routine?


yes, I’ve been PE’ing since Feb 2003, but I’m still looking to improve my routine.

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