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Megalophallus explained and its implications on PE

Originally posted by magnumforce
I guess after proper heating, a few series of “clamping” should allow metabolite buildup in the CC's.

…with what percentage of erection do you suggest? How often? etc. etc.

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It’s more about gongestion and vascular occlusion than about erection pecentage. Some resting time is very important after a session for proper overcompensastion. I would guestimate that a 48 hour recovery time is a minimum.

This topic reminded me of a workout I just started one week ago when I misinterpreted what another member meant by balloon the penis.

Once I’m close to 90% erect (give or take 5%), I OK grip the base of the shaft nice and tight. Next, I flew my PC about 30 2-3 second reps. My member gets thick, hard, red, and veiny…it’s great. Once I hit 30 reps, I jelq my grip towards the head, rest a moment, then repeat.

I hope this post of mine isn’t too far off topic from what you fellas are describing…is it?

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Goal...bigger ;)

llbigj.. good idea. I started gripping my penis at the base and squeezing it for 2 minutes. I kegel and force blood in, when I feel like it. In the future I think for a change of routine.. (like 4 months maybe) I’m going to incorporate that, making the kegeling and the length of time kegeling the routine part.

Keep up the good work, I bet your pc muscles are gonna be substantialy stronger too from this.

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You mention “ballooning” the penis. Actually, this is a good way to achieve maximum engorgement. “Ballooning” is basically reverse kegeling.

Black men have higher incidences of sickle cell anemia. Coincidence? I think not!

I don’t understand what this means? What do you have to do to get gains from this, and how dangerous is it? Can somebody sum this up for me, because I don’t quite understand all the tecnhincal medical talk.

So the question is shouldn’t we be able to dupicate this through PE?

I understood from all the above and linked materials that intensive clamping would be the closest facsimile.

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Would it not be a good idea for some of the more science minded PEers to do research into the optimum way to encourage ‘metabolites’? Is there a supplement of any kind?
It also seems that the issue of time spent clamped is vital. Perhaps an indication of the minimum ‘safe’ time would be useful
- Forgive me if i’m barking up the wrong tree here


I thought I might read those links in the first post about megalophallus vascular oclusion whathaveyou, only to realize that they don’t have anything to do with megalophallus or anything wnag-related. So where is the basis for this occlusion inducing megalophallus? Because those studies were about weight lifting or some shit.

Priapism occurs in roughly 42% of people suffering from Sickle Cell. Basically, the cell membranes “sickle”, or change shape, during deoxygenation. If any appendage holds blood for a long period of time (like the penis during erection), the blood cells naturally deoxygenate. If these cells “sickle” they do not travel through veins and arteries well. They often get clogged up and stick to one another and to the walls of the veins/arteries. This is what causes the priapism.

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Thanks, LuckyNuts. Finally an explanation for the layman. Are you a doctor or something?

After reading the posts about megalophallus I was reminded of something that happened to me when I was younger, about 13. This may or may not have any bearing but none the less I’ll put it out there. In short I masturbated 5-6 times, can’t remember exactly but at least 5 times in a matter of a few hours, the last time after blowing the load(pretty much no ejaculate) my dick stayed swollen for a short while after with no sign of getting any smaller. I wasn’t erect(hard) and it scared the shit out of me, thinking I would get caught or may have injured myself, I slowly squeezed my dick back to normal and everything was fine. If I only knew then what I know now. My thinking now is that maybe I exhausted the tissue and/or the outflow causing the sickle-ing of the cells. There’s no way to know if this is what happened or it was a ballooning type of effect, I may have to try it again and see what happens.


Are you sure it wasn’t just a masturbation donut? I used to get those.


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