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MEASURING - I understand the bp/nbp, & overall that it really doesn’t matter as long as I am consistent with my method. but i was wondering if there was a standard as far as: doyou measure after a session, on your rest day, with atleast 8hrs of no PE, espeacially in regards to girth. I think it would help to know the standard method to compare personal results to the results of the programs you follow to judge one own progress.


I measure after PE and when i feel at my max, there will always be times when youre smaller than your max, so when your max increases thats when you know youre growing. Most think, me included, that BP is the standard and most reliable way to measure, but then again its not that important, as long as you do it the same way each time.

thanks for the reply, I’ll assume this is the most common method and use it for my measurements.

Hey mrlojo....

I only measure after having a couple of days off myself. This used to be the “norm” for most. I don’t know what guys are doing now. The important part is to measure consistently so that when growth occurs you will be sure of it. Best of luck with your gains!!! :up:

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Thanks for the reply sorry it took me so long to get back to it.
I think I will measure after a rest to me that would reflect a more concrete result: in fact I did measure after a couple of days off and then again after my next session the length did not change but the girth was a 1/4” bigger after the session which to me would only make sense. I do think it would be helpful for members to note which method they use so it can be considered when taking advice or looking for a program to follow. As we know certain techniques can cause a fluid build (a subject I would like to discuss in anouthre post when i have more time) up which may be impressive when measuring but in general I don’t think will help improve girth that most of us are seeking. I am not complaining in fact I have made 3/4 gain in length and 1/2 (rested measurement) gain in girth in the 2 months since starting PE, and I attribute it to the motivation and techniques from this site and its members. Thanks again for the advice maybe you could do a poll on measuring.

Like Thunder, I only measure after a couple of days off.
That’s the only way IMO to get somewhat “real results”.
On PE days it is mostly (if not all) just bloatness, however,
it is good for some ego boost :)


2 days too

I always measure a couple of days after PE. If I try straight after a heavy hanging session my penis is too fatigued to get a really good hard erection.

lil1 :sun:

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do you guys pull on your member to get an absolute max #. I never measured it this way yet. Am I missing something by not really doing it this way. I saw the pull method somewhere on another post around here. But I forget exactly where. TT

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