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Marks due to improper cleaning during childhood

Marks due to improper cleaning during childhood

I have a big problem. I didnot clean my penis properly when I was a child and now there are permanent black marks on the foreskin. How can I get these marks removed?

Hi Sanrain nice to meet you,

I’m not sure what you mean by these marks but if they are deeply discolored patches and obviously sub dermal these threads might help.

Wrapping to remove discoloration
My solution for discoloration

Other than that, can you explain in more detail what these marks are.

Sorry to hear about your problem.

Thanks memento.

I checked both the links in your reply. Actually my probelm is different. In fact I believe its a very unique problem. The marks on my dick are black in color. They are a result of imrpoper cleaning over a very long period. Just imagine that if you dont wash your face for a day how do you look like. If things keep deposting on your skin for a long time, probably years, how would it look like. I hope now you and others would understand my problem better and somebody comes out with a solution.

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I take it you’ve tried soap and water and scrubbing and cleansers and probably a whole load of things that potentialy damage skin. Have you been to a dermatologist?

The more info the better here I think. I’m unlikely to be able to help but others might and a full description of both the nature of the marks and the history of your attempts to remove would probably help.

Black marks, is such a general description, and if I wash my face the dirt comes off. Are we talking about a dotted effect located around pores, or a bruise like mark. Does the color lighten under pressure. Is the nature of the surface of the skin changed.

That kind of thing :)

I’ve tried soap and water but I am worried about using cleansers and scrubbers (may be they would cause more harm than good) and cant even think about going to a dermatoligist for obvious reasons.

The black marks were caused by dirt of course but they are probably penterated inside the skins and washing has no effect at all. And there is no dotted effect and no brusie like mark. Its a change of color of skin. Its hard to explain it properly but I would answer as many questions as possible to make my problem clear.


Keep in mind, too, that many men have naturally dark foreskin areas once they mature, regardless of personal hygiene. Your condition may be the same as that of many millions of men.



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