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Make a contribution if you gain

Make a contribution if you gain

Many ,many people here boast of great gains. Well I think it is time to put your money where your mouth is. I propose that perhaps people( of thier own free will of course) may make a donation to the forum when they reach certain levels. For instance I myself plan on making a sizeable contribution in the form of cash for every half inch I gain. Maybe others will see fit to do the same. It does not have to be much ,whatever you can afford. For people that have made contributions perhaps they can be given some form of status for what they made and what they gained. I for one whould be more apt to follow someones advice if they gained say two inches and contributed fifty bucks for each half inch. It would total $400 and because they had made the sacrifice of given up some hard earned cash I would be much more inclined to believe them and what they say and advise. Of course this is a free forum but think of this way it is still a great bargain even if you are paying for what you gained by the knowledge you have gathered here. I mean shit if someone told me “JMAN I know this great forum where you can join .One year to two from know as a result of what you learn on this forum you will be two inches longer and an inch fatter,only catch is that for each 1/2 inch you gain you need to donate between 20-50 bucks” I would say “Sign me up” Just a thought .Anyone else want to make a similiar commitment?

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I agree, but I haven’t made any gains yet =P

I definetly will donate after a few more months not bc I haven’t gained but I’m in a financial crisis right now.

All of a sudden no one is making gains. lol!! What a coincidence

I promised to contribute when I gain my first inch.

Well I’ve barely gained anything after a year or so, but I figured I’d donate anyway. It’s made me feel better- this site is one of my top 5 favourite places on the Internet so I’m glad I can help it prosper in my small way.

I’m still waiting for the day I can say I’ve gained an inch - but when I do there is no doubt I will be contributing more.

Hell, I’ll give 200 bucks per inch that I gain and another 300 when I reach my goal. It is DEFINITELY worth that much to me. It’s still a lot cheaper and less painful than surgery. :)

Is Thunder’s still doing the t-shirts?


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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Feel free to donate for just enjoying the forum too, thereĀ“s more to appreciate than “just” gaining in dicksize.

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I think that is a great idea, God only knows I would be happy to donate my house for an inch, until now, nothing.


I gained an inch. I was frustrated as hell about a thin pee pee. I got advice from DLD and Gandolfs video series which worked. The horse440’s were the trick to quick base girth. It only took a month to gain an inch at the base.


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