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magnetic charge

magnetic charge

I have been wondering whether it might be a good idea to make a ballzinger, but instead of using simply metal rods, using powerfully magnetic rods instead. Super powerful magnets. It might just pull more blood into the penis and create a good hang. I am not sure if the blakoe ring uses magnets or not. Maybe we could buy our own powerful magnets?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Since when has blood been magnetic ? I dont have that much iron in there

You would have to take massive doses of Geritol, to boost your blood iron levels. Unfortunately, too much iron is toxic for men.

Great idea !

Tell us where you get the magnets.

I had considered firstly that the blood is rich in iron when thinking of the magnet idea, this is true. However, I had a second consideration when thinking of the idea aswel. Magnetic force doesn’t just attract metal, it attracts anything which has an opposite charge to it’s charge. If we could find out the charge of the blood and/or the penis, we could use powerful magnets with the opposite charge to attract more blood flow into the area, along with more hormones etc.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

This is a great idea actually. I know that magnets increase bolld flow. I have seen enough and read just as much to realize that increased blood flow does help attain gains with PE.. So, when you find some magnets to do the job, let us know.

I have a lot of experience with magnets. I tried them in about as many ways as I could imagine for about a year. About the only positive I notice is they speed up recovery. Never got any long term gains from them. Maybe others should try to get a better test field.


Very doubtful usefullness, but if you want to try it then buy neodymium magnets, they are the strongest. The iron in your body is bundled inside of hemoglobin if I remember correctly. This will probably shield the iron from experiencing any of the magnetic fields. I have never heard of any credible scientific evidence which verifies any sort of physiologic effect from magnetic fields. MRI uses strong magnetic fields. Body tissue is considered diamagnetic, which means it can be magnetized but only at very very very high field strength. Ever see the video of the levitating frog? Do a google for “frog diamagnetic levitation” (or something like that).

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Hmm, I wouldn’t want to put industrial strength magnets (neodymium) anywhere near my balls. Hanging around in strong magnetic fields can have some not so funny effects on living creatures health. There are in fact a number of studies that show a correlation between exposure to strong magnetic fields and leukemia for instance. But then again, there are studies that show no such correlation.

Besides, it wouldn’t work the same way as a ball-zinger since the zinger would send a small electrical current through the tissues. You would not achieve this only by placing magnets near the nutsack. However, altering strong magnetic fields (you would have to move the magnets around your nutsack in some way) can create electrical currents inside the human body but this is quite hazardous to muscles and nerves. People exposed to such altering magnetic fields would experience involuntary musclespasms and such. :chuckle:

So in other words, I ain’t never gonna expose my baby makin’ army to any strong magnetic fields. :) I’m sorry I’m such a wuss but I think you ought to reconsider this idea. But of course, I could be wrong about all of this.

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Here is a link to some movies of diamagnetic levitation.

The frog was no worse for the wear. By the way, the strength of magnetic field is extremely high. Probably close to the highest ever produced in a laboratory.

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

Listen to Tube. He is smart. Just like the fact that just because Iron is magnetic, an alloy of Iron’t isn’t necessarily magnetic as well. Because the atom is bound up inside a larger molecule, the overall effect of the Iron is cancelled/useless.

The whole reason Iron can become magnetised is that it’s electrons have a tendancy to become aligned in roughly the same direction, giving an addative effect to the sum fields of it’s electrons (which have a magnetic as well as electric field)

Your blood does not have any ‘magnetic charge’, because all the electrons are pointing in random directions, which gives an overall cancelling effect to the overall field.
In fact the very idea of a ‘magnetic charge’ is silly. You can’t think of it in equivilent terms of electric fields, because these are caused by the excess or absence of electrons, which usually would usually cancel the positive fields of their proton brothers when left together. In this case there are two seperate bodies which have inverse preferences. This causes the effect of negative and positive charge…

Magnetic attraction is different to electric attraction because as far as I am aware, there is not ‘reverse’, ie there is no counterparticle to produce an inverse field. The fields are all in the same direction, so you get a North and a South pole. for each particle. So, unless somebody can somehow have half of an electron (and I’m not going into the different flavours with bosons and mesons and all that sub-sub-atomic crap) and then some, built up in one spot, the South and North components of the field cancel each other out, in a single particle, giving it a net ‘charge’ of zero, magnetically.

If you want to try neodymium magnets as Tube suggested, go ahead. You can get them from good electronics stores. They’re the kind they use in harddrives. (if you have a spare old harddrive, crack it open for some neodymium ;) )

Originally Posted by Gottagrow
I did a search and apparently the blakoe ring has magnets inside it.

Well, it does say “The original magnetic therapy device” but I took mine apart and
ran a magnet around it and got no response. Thought sure the shiny screws inside would be of steel, but evidently not,.

The page also uses the term “thermo-electric couples” which implies electricity generated by heat, but that for that to happen, the two metals have to be in contact., which they aren’t.

If magnets did help, it sure seems like the people who made the magnetic jockstrap would still be in business, be advertising, and be copied, and I haven’t heard heard anything more of them. Has anyone else?


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Magnetic jock strap? Oh lord!

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Cool movies :) You’ve heard of the Japanese floating train that goes like 300mph ?

Thanks for that info Secjay, makes sense to me. Is there any logic to those copper bands people wear on their wrists for arthritus, excluding placebo


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