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lubricant and too much skin

lubricant and too much skin

Hi guys

Is it possible that the different kind of lubricants can give you different amount of excessive skin. I was lubricating my penis with Nivea body lotion and I had some too much skin but then I switched to vaseline and the amount of excessive skin has gotten way up which bothers me. It feels like there is no internal penis at all. I think I am gonna go back to body lotion. Is this possible and did somebody else experienced this?


I also have too much skin and I experience that problem duirng stretching but it doesn’t bother me while jelqing.

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I wouldn’t go with either of those lubrications.

If you want to go water based, I like KY Jelly, or the Target brand equivalent, and keep a bowl of warm water by to did your finger tips into to keep it really slick.

For oil based, I would stick with the old stand by baby oil.

Try either or both of the above and see if you don’t get improvement.

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I’m guessing your uncut, which explains why the skin problem arises. Try pushing your foreskin all the way to the base of your cock, and then grip behind the glans firmly (be careful to let off some pressure on the dorsal nerve area). This way, you’ll minimise (not eliminate) the problem of skin-stretch. I wouldn’t recommend any lubricant for stretching- use it for jelqs only.

Thanks for the replies

Baracus I am uncut and I do stretch as you are refering. I do pull my skin back and all this stuff. I dont think that stretching is giving me excess of skin I think that jelqing does. Am I right or wrong?


Vaseline is thick and will put more of a pull on your skin it also may give you better gains but’s it’s messy and I got tired of the greasy mess so now I use a very light cheap vitamin e oil that’s mixed with other oils they sell a version of it in KMART and my favorite is the Rite-Aid version and it cost like 3 bucks and will last a couple of months. If I’m not in the mood and I need a little help staying rock hard I will use a little liquid KY mixed in.

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I bought some 100% pure vitamin E oil at KMART that comes in a 1 OZ bottle with a red cap and yellow and red label. But this pure stuff has the consistency of honey and is not good for jelqing.

Can you help me out with a few more details on the vit E mix that your found. Did it have a name or just product description, size bottle I am looking for, and was it in the vitamin section?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Yeah- you’re definitely spot on about skin-stretch occurring during jelqs. I have the same problem, and unfortunately it’s one of those unavoidable facts of life (assumming life = PE!). I use vasoline for jelqs, and it does the job just fine, however, if you’re looking for better lube alternatives, what gprent and Dino mentioned in their posts sound good. I’m not really too concerned about skin-stretch anymore- I JUST WANT MORE GAINS!! MORE!!! MOOOORE!!

Ahem… yes, more.



I have tried the following (Uncut 7x5.5): Baby oil, Nivea BL, Vita E Lotion, Vaseline, and Vita E Mixtures.

The Baby Oil Gel = Slick, but not slippery, good consistency (a quarter size lasts me a good 1000 jelq’s), has Aloe and Vita E (Nice shiny bronze cock), and is basically good for your skin. It prevents the skin issue, for the foreskin when pulled to tension, retracts due to the gel causing a slick surface, preventing the foreskin from stretching.

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Thanks caj. Was thinking of it before. I will definitely give it a test ride. What about the smell. I was using pure baby oil and I didnt like it too much. It was dripping all over the place and the smell was too strong. Kinda started to annoy me after some time.



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