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Longitude pill makers SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY

Longitude pill makers SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY

Wow, Apparently this all happened in our sunny town of Scottsdale, AZ…

CP Direct, makers of longitude have been shut down by the attourney generals office for fraud since, obviously, their product does not work and they’re still making money.

Also turns out that CP Direct was formed by a group of people that were earlier convicted of forming a fraudulent telemarketing company and part of their release said that they WILL NOT OPERATE ANOTHER TELEMARKETING COMPANY. Let alone a fraudulent one…

This is good because I kept wondering about these pills since them and some other pill maker are in the back of Stuff, Maxim, etc and I always bump into em. They both contain the same ingredients so it’s only a matter of time before all pill makers are shut down for offering the same “herbal” solution.


I know a friend that ordered those Longitude pills a few months back. I’m guessing he didn’t make gains. Maybe I should tell him about PE eh?

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Hey Nigret,

More info, more info. Where did you read or hear this? In the Republic or the Times??? Inquiring minds want to know. I had read that the AG was after them, also the FDA, haven’t heard any more about it until now. Give us the scoop with some links if possible. Fucking mesquite trees….:D

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The long and short of Longitude

Finally they got theres!! I bought into that and got burned a year ago. Stupid me

________________________________________-Arizona Shuts Down Firm in Alleged Penis Pill Scam
May. 29, 2002 22:53

PHOENIX - Authorities have shut down a local company and seized $30 million of its assets for allegedly selling bogus penile enlargement pills over the Internet, state officials said on Wednesday.

C.P. Direct, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, was put out of business and its Web sites closed following complaints about the company and its product that promised results within months of taking its supposedly potent yet costly “Longitude” pill, officials said.

Among the items seized were luxury cars, including a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Bentley, $20 million in bank accounts, $3 million in cash and a bounty of luxury jewelry, according to a list of the items.

Company officials could not be reached for comment.

The initial cost of the pills was $59.99, plus shipping and handling for a month’s supply and $39.99 a month thereafter. Records showed the pills cost $2.50 per bottle to manufacture.

The company also allegedly sold pills that supposedly guaranteed height increases and bigger breasts, officials said.

“It’s going to take time to find out how many people bought the pills,” said Pati Urias, a state Attorney General’s spokeswoman. “It appears they did quite a bit of volume.”

Named in the civil forfeiture action was Michael A. Consoli, 44, and his mother, Geraldine Consoli, 76, and Vincent J. Passafiume, 28.

The three were warned by the state in 1996 about fraudulent practices when they operated a business that sold computers and other electronic equipment. In 1999, the Consolis and Passafiume were barred from doing business in Arizona through the mail, Internet or using other telecommunication devices.

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!


yeah they change addy’s all the time.

Keep up the fantastic work!

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!

Longitude Pills


Another site is I presume from info on site, that possible restitution for loss may be available in future. Check it out.

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