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Little cuts after shave

Little cuts after shave

I just shaved with a razor and I got like three or four little cuts. Nothing major, just a little blood. But I usually hang, clamp, and jelq. I was planning on hanging and clamping the next couple of days. Clamping should be no problem, but what about hanging? Can I still hang? These cuts are big or anything, they just burn a little bit. Any advice twords treating these cuts and what I should do PE wise for the next couple of days will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P.S.Sorry if this belongs in the injury forum, but I figured to post it here because it’s not really an injury, it’s just three little cuts.

Well… putting stress on cuts (i.e. pulling them apart) causes scaring. This will apply when hanging AND clamping, because the penis will expand when erect, and pull tighter on the skin.

Hence I imagine, the best route of action is, not doing PE, at least until the cuts have healed over. I’m sorry i hate the idea of forced breaks too, but I think it would be for the best. To speed up healing though, that is very simple.

- Stop masturbation, any unnecessary wear and tear on these cuts is bad.
- Heat, applying heat is always part of recovering from an injury.
- Some type of skin healing cream, in the UK we have something called ‘Savalon’, as for the US i am not sure, Perhaps even regular Vit E cream will suffice.

I think that’s everything. Sorry to hear about it. I guess take more care shaving in the future. (I always cut my face, never my member)

Good luck

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I am also trying to foreskin restore. Should I hault that as well?

Originally Posted by seyz
I am also trying to foreskin restore. Should I hault that as well?

If they are small, then they should heal in a couple of days. You really shouldn’t put any tension on the cut if you want to avoid scarring.

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