LGR and Results

I theorize that an individual’s Length:Girth Ratio plays a critical role in determining their results from PE.

We might say that average is about 6 x 4.8 (so, EG = 80% of EL).
That would play out roughly like this:
* 5.0 x 4.0
* 5.5 x 4.4
* 6.0 x 4.8
* 6.5 x 5.2
* 7.0 x 5.6

I think that anybody who’s EG is not more than 80% of their EL, is within the normal range and can expect the more typical gains ratio from PE.

Anybody who is under that level (79% or less), will probably experience greater, or easier, length gains.

Guys with an EG > 80% of their EL will probably gain girth easier than length.

Girth gains came very easy for me. When I began PE in August 2002, I was 6.12 x 5.20; so, my EG = almost 85% of my EL.

At my stoutest (Aug. 2003 = 7.36 x 6.34 midshaft), my EG > 86% of EL.

Even after severely neglecting jelqs for a long time, my EG is finally around 80% of my EL - but the gains have all dried up for me. If I go back to “standard” PE, my LGR will once again leave me with an EG that is 84-86% of my EL.

I think it’s possible to “tailor” a routine based on assessing one’s LGR. I was somewhat successful in this, taking my EG from 86+ to about 80 - and gaining 0.36” EL in the process, but it was probably a bad tradeoff as I lost almost 1/4” EG.