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Lets Argue Everyone!

Lets Argue Everyone!

Heehee….this has probably been gone over before, but lets bring it up again. LOL

Ejaculation v. No Ejaculation. Does it really hinder PE?

When sperm is released during ejaculation, isnt it true that the testosterone levels in the body increase due to the fact that the body has gotten rid of a lot of sperm? Thus, would increase testosterone to create more? Since there is more testosterone, which aids in growth of sexual genitelia, better results.

However, I could see what others could argue. Although testosterone levels are increasing, it is not going towards increasing penis size but rather rebuilding sperm. And the body might even lower the amount of testosterone going towards PE due to the fact that it needs it for the sperm.

But one could also argue that testosterone levels wouldn’t increase all that much because the testicles produce so much sperm that it wouldnt need too much more help to create more. But this would then contradict the first and second argument!


LoL….I personally try to only do it on the days off but sometimes I just cant help myself! I usually PE 5x a week so I try to stay away from ejaculating but I usually slip once or twice during PE :)

Masturbation & PE plus hand measure

Just started to PE over a month ago & I have added it to my routine every other workout. After the jelqs & kegels etc. its when my penis is rock hard & at full erection. What a feeling to see just what effect PE has. When I don’t masturbate to climax I message my penis especially the where the CCS are located. I started at 7 & now at 7.5. I”m going for 8. I have measured my penis in the following way & its pretty accurate. I grab a ruler with both hands & see the measurement. I then put my hands around my penis. Also do it the bone pressed way. When I started the hands fell at 7 & my hands went right to the end of my penis. Now about 1/2 inch protrudes from my hands. I wonder if anyone else has used this method.

>>Since there is more testosterone, which aids in growth of sexual genitelia, better results.>>

No, in sexually mature men adequate testosterone levels do not cause the genitalia to grow. It simply allows maintenance of the tissues given regular adequate engoregements.

I think the main thing is for jelqing to avoid ejac before workouts so that you can get adequate amounst of blood in all three chambers. After ejac the corpus spongiosum does’nt seem to get puffy enough for a good workout.

It is true that if you avoid ejac after your jelq workouts that you will hang long and fat for a good while but if you blow the load it won’t last as long. It’s unclear whether it makes a real difference in regards to gains.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

For me pre-ejacutlaion (within about eight hours actually) makes jelqing very uncomfortable, but stretching doesn’t seem effected. If I ejaculate afterwards (i’m talking immediate) then the ole penis shrivels like a scared turtle. I don’t know how it works on gains as I have never consistently ejaculated after workouts.



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