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Let me see if I have the description of the Uli right

Let me see if I have the description of the Uli right

Being at about 3/4 erection level, firmly grip at the base and slide slowly upward until the middle of the shaft has been reached. Once there (I’m a little hazy on this part), slide further up the shaft in one inch increments until the base of the glands is reached. So I have it right? I’m going to be doing about 10 of these at the end of my normal dry jelqing routine.

I have no idea. But what I like to go is gain as strong an erection as possible, 95 - 100%, quickly kegel in some blood, and then dry jelq from the base to as far as I can, and then holding it at the end right before the head. Head gets red, blood blisters can occur, and a strong feeling of pressure and “needling” is felt. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

I like plumped bends too, otherwise to some known as o-bends, which is just 80-90% erection, NOT full erection, clamp at the base with one hand, and use your other hand to bend your penis in different directions, holding at each, engorging the middle of your penis. I start at full erection however, clamp at the base with one hand, and as I slowly and carefully bend, the erection subsides to 70-80%, and I hold. The key is fiddling around with the erection levels and what have you until it feels just right with the expansion, but God help you you be careful.

I like Horse440s, all of these which I feel are in the same vein of higher erection exercises and squeezes. Horse 440s are just full erection, clamp at base with one hand, and o-grip under the head, squeezing together for the engorgement and expansion in the middle. As the erection subsides, I like to continue holding those grips and bend a bit as well. Again, not for the faint-hearted.

For the record, I’ve only been at for oh, say, five months, have been on a break for the last week, and can’t say I’ve gained definitely. I did take pictures, but damn my measuring technique which is suspect. And also for the most part, any gains that I think I may have seen I chop it up to improved erections. Love waking up everyday with a stiffie. But people count them as gains as well. Personally I don’t, but it is very encouraging, but I’m not confident enough to make the claim that ‘this is what I’ve done, and this is exactly how much I’ve gained’.

I like sort of ‘side-jelqing’ as well, jelqing in different directions if that makes sense. Up and down and right and left. Requires different grips of sorts.

17ml taught me in his Cobra Conditioning Routine a fantastic grip I use religiously called the Cobra Grip: 17ml - 17ML’S Progress Report PicsVids. That man is an inspiration. I’m personally completely geared for girth.

Sadsak Slinkys are the last frontier for me as far as manual exercises are concerned; terrifying, and I’ve yet to properly perfect the technique.

So to sum up, I have no idea how to do a proper Uli. Lol? Sorry, heh, and good luck.


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