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does this excercise really have anything to do with how long you last in bed? I’ve been doing it for a few months and still cum a lot sooner than I’d like to. Not exactly premature ejaculation but id like to control when I cum. Any of you found anything that works in delaying ejaculation? (not just start/stop or squeeze when you’re going to cum)


Yes and no, Kegels help alot with control and erection strength but can also increase sensitivity as well as the intensity of your muscle contractions. Kegels alone don’t really seem to help everyone in lasting longer, for me it didn’t make a major difference as I believe my control was already quite good but kegels really can make you more aware of the contractions you feel when you know when you’re getting close to ejaculating.

Performing a strong Kegel squeeze can really help in controlling ejaculations as well as slow-deep belly breathing and keeping a clear head and not thinking about yourself cumming too soon etc.

What you could do is, MASTURBATE!! lots and lots! lol! it’ll really get you in touch with all the sensations and concentrate on setting a goal of say, 15 mins then build up from there till you can last a long time before YOU want to cum.

All in all it just takes practice, but keep practicing your kegels.


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