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Kegals rock

Kegals rock

Well, I just had a great session with my wife and I owe it all to kegals.

So we get hot and heavy and have sex. Normally, I last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 on average. Well tonight, we got going and I was at about the 25 min mark and felt the urge to have to ejaculate. So I kept telling her to slow down, etc..

Well, finanally I had to pull out and just wait. I calmed down and started going at it again, but still, I got sensitive and felt the need to cum.

So I pull out and as I felt the orgasms approaching, I clenched the shit out of my PC muscle and held it for a solid 30 seconds hard, my dick was all swollen and everything.

A little bit of cum came out which I believe is normal.

But I let the arousal state subside and I stayed hard, and less sensitive. WHOO HOO, there was an extra 15-20 minutes added on.

But I am not done.

I ended up getting the feeling again after 20 minutes and again, pulled out, got close, clenched hard, and was able to last ANOTHER 20 minutes.

My wife had never seen anything like it. She was confused. She was like, “h.h..” I said, “kegals baby, kegals.”

She had to get me off by hand because she was exhausted. I felt great :) as you can imagine.

So , I guess I had 3 orgasms and lasted about 1 hr 15 minutes or so.

Question, when a guy has an multi orgasm, is he “suppose” to feel a full blown orgasms, or kinda something similar to a full blow orgasm.

Because, it’s different when you are cumming and ejaculating at the same time.

For me, when I clenched my pc muscle, and a little ejaculate came out, I don’t feel like I “experienced” a solid orgasm, more of a “yea, that felt ok, but at least I didn’t cum” type of feeling.



Sounds fun :D

Your kegels seem to be working, what’s your routine?

For a male to be multi orgasmic I believe that he actually has a full-on orgasm but without the mechanics of ejaculation, somehow detaching the connection between orgasm and ejaculation in the brain……..I think I did it once while masturbating and it felt so good I came again straight away but this time came. I’ve not tried it since but would love to have a bash at it again some day.

Originally Posted by johngreen38
So , I guess I had 3 orgasms and lasted about 1 hr 15 minutes or so.

For me, when I clenched my pc muscle, and a little ejaculate came out, I don’t feel like I “experienced” a solid orgasm, more of a “yea, that felt ok, but at least I didn’t cum” type of feeling.


I have experienced the same thing. She didn’t complain. ;)


Yea, I didn’t have full on orgasms, partly because I was so focused on counting to 30 :) , but I am sure once it becomes habit and the PC muscle becomes strong, that it will be all subconscious.

Very interesting post. Thanks. I really hate doing kegel exercises, but your post has motivated me. What’s your kegel routine? How long have you been doing it? With the few experiences I’ve had, the orgasms were not full-blown either. But hey, the main goal is to last longer! However, more often than not I experience retro-ejaculations (or whatever they are called), where you ejaculate back into your scrotum. When this happens I lose my erection like with normal orgasms. Is this because my PC muscle is not strong enough yet?

I have a related question, which perhaps you guys and some of the women on this forum could reply to: How long of a session would be ideal for a woman, and for a man? I mean just coitus, not foreplay. Johngreen38 says he lasted for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and that his wife was exhausted by then. Some men on Viagra seem to have much longer sessions. Sting once said that he can have sex for 5 hours, though I don’t know if he meant coitus or coitus + foreplay. I once went for an hour with a woman and she commented, “Okay, you win.”


It amazes me if woman can go longer then like 2 hours. I would think most would start getting rubbed “raw” or the skin would be getting sensitive.

Over an hour is good enough for me, but if I needed to go longer, assuming I could do what I said up above, I am sure I could last longer.

My kegal routine, which isn’t extensive nor have I been doing it long (like 1 month) is while in a car going to work and on the way home, find a song you like and kegal to the beats. Then I often have been doing this.

Hold for 4 seconds, then stop and push down (like trying to far or piss) in a reverse kegal manner. Then after 2 seconds, rip it right back up into the holding position.

I attribute this to how a baseball player would step back before lunging forward to hit the ball. It just givesyou momentum.

I do this until I get tired down there.

I might do some during the day to. I probably get about 200-300 in a day.

When I hold though, like I did the other night, I still have some ejaculate come out, but not much.

I would love to be able to get a full body orgasm while still not squirting, that would be awesome.

Sounds great—dance to the music! I agree, anything much over an hour might be too much, if you could imagine that. I’d still like to hear from some of the women, if they are reading this post. Having some ejaculate come out may be a good thing: it may help to reduce the urge to ejaculate.



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