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Kay J Tabb - And The Baseball Bat Effect!

Kay J Tabb - And The Baseball Bat Effect!

Kay J Tabb vs The Louisville Slugger.

The dreaded baseball bat effect! I’ve been thinking about it lately and have come up with 2 cents to spend, this applies to the jelq exercise;

First for illustration, imagine an inflated tube balloon. If you where to encircle the balloon with an OK grip, and squeeze at any point, the pressure in the balloon would be increased in ALL directions. This is true because there is nowhere for the air to escape to. If you where to jelq the balloon, the pressure inside would be the same in front of and behind your hand (unless you completely strangled the balloon).

What I am getting at is; If you kegal and hold as you jelq, The blood is trapped in your penis and has no where to go, so pressure is created on both sides of the jelqing hands OK grip. True, there will be greater pressure in the stroking direction because the blood cannot equalize as fast as the stroke is made, but if you do not kegal, the potential pressure increase behind the hand (at the base), will be lost completely as blood escapes. Disaster!

So I believe that holding a kegal as you jelq may help to promote an even shape, and avoid the formation of a baseball bat shape.

I call it the “Kegal As You Jelq To Avoid Baseball Bat” theory (KAY J TABB).

Hope it helps someone,


One small flaw with your observation there SmilingBob. When you jelq you start at the base and squeeze the blood forward you don’t just squeeze your penis in the middle. To relate it to your baloon illustration, squeeze the balloon at the end then push towards the other end. The end you are squeezing toward fills but the area behind your hand has been depleted of the air.


Perhaps we jelq differently. When I jelg, I can not grasp so tight that blood can not get past my grip, the blood dosent stay in the end of my penis, but manages to get past my hand and into the base. Do you grasp so tightly that all the blood stays trapped in front of your hand, like you describe with the balloon?

RoomToGrow, think of it this way, once you kegal, you have a fixed amount of blood that can not escape. The penis, unlike the balloon, can only inflate so much. When you squeeze anywhere along the penis while you kegal, you create equal pressure everywhere else inside. If you were to slide your hand slowly enough to allow the blood to equalize, the pressure will remain the same in front and behind as you move your hand forwards because the penis cannot expand enough to hold all its trapped blood at the extreme of one end. Does that make sense?

Maybe this may convince you, Try moderate jelqing at ~80% while holding a kegel verses just letting the blood escape and see if it keeps the base better pressurized.

Not all the blood but a majority of it.

It is starting to make sense. I’ll try what you are describing tonight and see what happens. Thanks for the thought.



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