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karate stretch

karate stretch

ok, first sorry as usual for my english…what can I do?

Here I am at night, my girl is far for two weeks
and I am here doing my pe, trying to surprise her when
she come back. Almost naked, my head full of news ideas for pe!LOL

My last one is:
I see that my ligs are a great source of future growth…
When I take my dick in the middle and pull in front of me
I see how much I could gain if I was able to cut those fucking
ligaments! I could have an extra inch. not considering the other growth
I can have with my jelq-slapping-uli techinque!

ok, so the idea is: cut the fucking ligs!LOL
No, ok, I am joking…but not completely.

I put my right hand in a “karate position”, (you know…fingers
like you have to broke a piece of stone…)
And I start to do a movment, over my ligaments, with the point of the fingers:
the movement is like cutting somethig with a knife.
Same movement, with a good pressure.
With the other hand I hold the stretch in the middle
of my ‘son’, so that the ligs are well in evidence.
Shit, I have to cut them like a laser!
After 5/10 minutes the ligs are very sore…
And my fingers too! LOL

The other idea is to put the palm, always in a karate
position, at the upper base of the dick, over the ligs
(and this help to isolate the ligs), and with the other hand
do a stretch, 12 hours position (grip in the middle of the ‘son’)
or even rotating a little. This stretch a lot to me my ligs.

ok…that’s all!
7 now; going to 8 very soon……


Great man, i shall try it tonight.

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