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joining in on the action

Joining in on the action -

Hi there,

I am a new member, however, I discovered PE on the internet a little over four years ago.

I have story to tell.

I didn’t have much luck with girls as I was growing through my teenage years- in fact I had no girlfriends. I have come to the conclusion it was all about confidence. It is a fact women love confident men. Anyway, my first act of sexual intercourse when I was 18 was a little traumatic. The girl took off her clothes and so I did the same, much to my disgrace and hers my penis had not moved an inch. Dick just hanging there flaccid as ever, while I hear the girl giggle and put her clothes back on. So inactual fact my first time didn’t really eventuate. I was mortified, ashamed, embarassed.

Anyway, one day I find an average penis size survey somewhere on the web and something hits me. I am below average! I started to think that that girl I was with was probably not only laughing at me not being able to get it up but also at my skinny, short size.

PE discovered me!! It just happened to come into my life right at the right time. I was at Uni, didn’t have a girl but had plenty of time to exercise.

I started at 4.5 erect length and 3.8 girth.
I enjoyed PE, I turned it into something unrushed, relaxed and often masturbatory. I jelqed, milked, squeezed and worked on the PC muscle. I did this 5-6 days a week.

I noticed an improvement immediately. I started to become mesmerized by my penis. It was a little scarey I guess but I discovered how much energy is down there. (Not something to be overlooked or messed with by the way)

After about 8 months I measured at 7.2” ebp and 4.7” girth. Then a girl came into my life. She was 8 years older then me and we had alot of great sex. I learnt how making love by concentrating pressure from the pubic bone insured I’d be pleasuring all the right bits for the girl. I felt like a new man. I was pleasing a grown woman.

Since then alot of my efforts have been to learn about how to please a girl the right way. Also, I have kept up a sporadic maintenaince routine to cement the gains.

I have had a few girls in my life since the first bad experience and have never stopped learning. I told the last girl I was with about my PE story and how I can gain more if she wanted more. Of course by asking this way she replied, “maybe a little more girth”. I already knew it, but it was more inspiring to hear it from the person who it affects by proxy. She said “I’d only enjoy it more I guess, so I don’t mind if you do the exercises” I was already pleasing this girl easily but hey, she said it herself- she’d enjoy it more.

So I am back on the PE aiming at girth and just a little more length but more importantly - flaccid size. As my flaccid size has never really increased since doing PE. I guess I am a “grower”

But not for long!!

With my background in occult, physiology and yoga, I have discovered many tricks and secrets about sexual powers since starting PE and am grateful for it.

I am now intergrating yogic techniques into my PE routine and I am enjoying the size increase once again.

Today I am 7.3” ebp and 5”girth.
I am looking at 7.7” and 5.7” as my goal.
But of course I would loved to be hung while flaccid- it will happen.

Glad to be part of the community here. I hope I have some useful input.

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Hi ThunderSS,

I can’t remember what site it was. All I can remember it was a free forum site. And was black in background color and had bright primary colored borders.

Welcome aboard samana. Great introductory post. Can’t wait to here more about your experiences!

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Yeah ThunderSS a few names do seem familiar, this is true.


Welcome to the forum, those were some great gains in a short time what did you do to get them?

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Welcome to the Forum,

Wow that is some amazing 8 months of gain. from 4.5/3.8 to 7.2/4.7.

That is some of the fastest gains I’ve ever heard of.

I see you spent 5-6 days a week, How much time per day did you spend?

Welcome aboard, Sam.

Great job and great story. Hope the board will hear more of you.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Please integrate your yoga techniques into the board! You could be the PE yoda of yoga :D

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