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Jelqing while on antidepressants


Sorry ‘bout that. Too fast on the trigger, or something. Here’s what I meant to post:

Same here, but I’ve been on Prozac. For a while, it felt like my dick didn’t even exist. Kind of a nice feeling, actually, after years of obsessing over it.

Before PE, my erections happened mostly during actual sex (thank goodness for that). I seldom had them any other time, including during masturbation.

PE has changed all that. Now, I have plenty of wood, basically on demand.

I’ve been told that Zoloft is much different. It basically works the same way as Prozac while you take it, but it’s effect wears off quickly if you stop. This gives you the option of having a “drug holiday” if you ever want passionate sex, but don’t want to discontinue use altogether.

Have you found that it doesn’t wear off quickly for you?

My libido killer was Lipitor, 40 freakin mg. I’ve taken other supplements to help, and I also dropped approx 25 pounds in an Atkins like diet, so I am cut down to 10 mg, so it’s not as bad now.

A friend of mine was on Lipitor as well, he couldn’t get any wood for a while and called it Limpitor.

I have heard Prozac might slow you down, but sometimes in a good way, if you have a hair trigger.

cead mile failte :lep:

I was on both Celexa and Lexapro in the past and they did not reduce my erectile abilities. But they made me almost completely in-orgasmic, which seemed great for the first few weeks but the novelty of “lasting too long”wore off soon. I’d wear out my wife and I still never came, which made me feel more depressed. Wellbutrin on the other hand is better for my depression and sex! YMMV, so tell your doctor about your “sexual side effects” and ask to try something else.


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