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jelqing erection level debate

jelqing erection level debate

Everyone here at Thunders seems to recommend 20-40% for length and 60-80% for girth. This seams somewhat logical but I never heard/saw some evidence to back this up.

It’s true that at low erection levels you also stretch your penis, but I am almost certain that there is a fixed level of hardness that causes most growth all around - the best degree of damage is caused (I think that the CC/CS grows proportionally in length and girth and independent of the erection level).

I find higher erection levels (over 50%) better because there is more expansion. At low erection levels is more a stretch with a massage that improves circulation… or is it? At these low levels I only feel expansion in the last part of my penis (closer to the head).

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Personally, I think at anything below 70-80% you can’t possibly excerpt even pressure all the way up the shaft. I personally do not aim for a percentage erection, I aim to get enough erect that I feel the same resistance to my jelq stroke from the very beginning of a stroke (where my penis meets my body) to the end (1/2 inch below the glans.) I’m just guessing this is probably around the 80% everyone talks about. I wouldn’t recommend jelqing at any erection level lower than that, as I think that’s a sure fire ticket to getting the baseball bat effect, precisely because, as you say, you only feel the expansion towards the end (head) of your penis It’s the same for me. . If you want to aim for length then stretch and jelq (newbie routine) for a few months, and when you are conditioned, hang. If it’s girth you are after, then stretch and jelq (newbie routine) for a few months then clamp when you are conditioned.

That’s just my opinion though.

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Clamping is something people should only attempt after being thoroughly conditioned, have a good understanding of their PI’s, and know how back off even when they think they can get just a little extra going in their routine.

It’s an advanced exercise.

People do it, some swear by it, but it does seem to be an area where going overboard is easy to do and then damage can oocur: erectile response lowers, morning wood dies away, and Viagra is a way of life (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but … if it’s not necessary…?).

It’s a fine line.

Any of the medical people that have been mentioned on these boards have a strong negative reaction to the idea (Girtha’s urorolist, etc.). Whereas traction, stretching, hanging, or pumping, while not encouraged, do not seem to be met with the same level of antipathy as clamping.

Like I said, people do it and some get great results, but CAUTION. Really read up. Look for the overarching similarities of the success stories. It seems there is a sweet spot for erection level and the degree of compression from the wrap & clamp. Seems once again to be around the same level of erection.

But in any event, read the various accounts and really make sure you understand the risks and how minimize them.

Do not rush into clamping.

As far as erection level. The 60-80% level seems to be a sweet spot. It was mentioned in the Chemical PE thread.

When pumping it’s recommended that 3-5HG is the best, most consistent level. I’ve found that once in the tube for a few minutes the expansion shifts from the initial erection when going in, to just the HG pressure from the vaccuum. Voilá, 75-80% erection.

Anyway what do YOU think?

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In the past I’ve gained length and girth from jelqing at about 70%. I think jelqing any higher than this requires a lot of conditioning. Now that I’ve returned from a decon break, and length is my main focus, I’m gonna keep it even lower at around 60-65% and see what happens. This will make for a less intense routine as well being less likely to overtrain, as this has been a consistent problem for me in the past. I’ve jelqed at a little too high an erection level before, 75-80%, and while I think I may have gained some girth from it, it really made my dick feel beat up and I had to take 3-4 days off to fully recover (this is after my decon break where my tissues are nice and soft again). My dick feels really good after a workout at 70%, which still was probably a little too high since length is my main focus right now. I’ve been getting constant, I do mean CONSTANT boners all freakin day long so I finally had to just go and relieve some pressure ;) . My felt very engorged and healthy, and I have a heavier flaccid hang so think it’s working so far.. Also I’m jelqing no more than 5 minutes TOPS, and using about an hour of heat (IR lamp).. IN PE LESS IS MORE!

As long as there is some “give” to the skin, basically like you would feel squeezing a several day old balloon that has deflated some. That’s just a general rule of thumb, your mileage may vary.

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