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Jelq every day?

Jelq every day?

Hey guys I was thinking about how one actually gains girth. After reading a few posts her on thunders I have noticed a few members here that have substantial girth state that they either clamp or jelq every day. Now when girth gains are achieved is it because of new cell growth or is it from stretching the tissue to every day to allow the spongy chambers to accommodate entry of more blood.

Now it is said that jelqing has been practised by ancient cultures for thousands of years. If this is so, I doubt that they understood the concept of a two on one day off routine or a five day on two day off routine and where likely stretching and squeezing there peckers every day to achieve gains.We all know that the body has great regenerative powers and would learn to recover between workouts.

Moreover, it is said that a few of are muscles such as the abs and calves can be worked everyday without over training. So why not the penis? If the jelq is one of the best techniques for natural penis enlargment why not jelq everyday to keep the penis tissue stretched? Please tell me if anybody has tried this over a long period and achieved results. Maybe we can see faster and better results by jelqing with high repetitions everyday. I am talking working up to 500+ daily or more. Maybe broke down into two sessions morning and night, Why not? If the penis is constantly being engorged with blood on a daily basis than it would remain thicker and fuller for longer periods of time eventually becoming permanent.

There are some here that stretch everyday. I use my stretcher everyday;In fact the manufactures of my stretcher even recommend everyday use for better and faster results. Please if anybody has opinions or any experience doing this let me know, thanks in advance.


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You’ll find a fair number of reports that guys have had gains after taking breaks. There is something to be said for giving the body time to repair damage. New guys are advised to start with two on one off because their dicks aren’t used to the abuse. As you progress the number of days off in a week can decrease. Some guys do work out every day. It’s up to the individual to experiment and see what works best for him.

If you are going to do PE everyday, you have to adjust your intensity levels to a more moderate level.

1st - how long have you been jelqing/stretcher everyday? What results have you gotten?

Thanks for your input fellas.


Transcend, The idea of jelqing just recently occurred to me. But I stretch everyday with my pro extender and some manual stuff. I gained just over an inch BP and .5 inch in girth in just over a three month time span.I directly believe my gains are the result of wearing the ads everyday because I have only been doing the girth workouts the last three weeks and have yet seen results.

For some odd reason I get dizzy reading your threads.


Ya, I was going to try a moderate 7 day a week routine for 3 months then take a break for more gains maybe.

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Come to think of it GP I been getting a bit dizzy myself lately when posting. I wonder why?


Its because of that damn avatar you got! lol.

It keeps moving repeatly.

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