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Jelq and squeezes

Jelq and squeezes

About 1 month ago I stepped up the girth work by incorporating 10 sets of 1 min squeeze holds into my 30 min daily PE workout.
The routine consist of jelqing for several minuets then doing a set of the squeezes then back to jelqing etc.

Question is , is this to much ? Before this week I would have said no because I have gained girth from doing this but the last 3 workouts I have noticed poor erection quality.
Could it be that these squeeze holds have caught up to me, and now I’m over training? I know these stress your unit but because of progress I figured I’d keep doing it , after all there have been no other negative PI’s to speak of.

Also because when I squeeze I grip the base overhand which actually prevents me from gripping the entire base , does this negatively affect the ligs there in anyway because my unit seems to be less erect at the extreme base , by that I mean right where it connects to your body?

There’s a fine balance between gaining safely and overtraining. No point having a bigger dick if you can’t get hard. If the sueezes are working for you, perhaps cut down to 5 x 1 minute rather than 10, or do them every other day. Any kind of pressure-based PE can easily exhaust a penis if done too much.

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