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I've been thinking.....


I don’t really see why it would be a plus…

My penis just always used to be perfectly uniform in girth, and I preferred it that way.. When I get back to doing girth work, I will want it to be uniform at the end of my PE journey.

I would not have jelqed backwards, I think thats a really bad idea.

I would have arranged the towel’s clamping effect while as close to lying horizontal as possible, then when the clamping effect was arranged I would have sat up slowly to ‘roll’ the clamp forward, thus forcing more blood into my penis to give a high pressure engorgement. Kind of like an internal uli, if you get my meaning.

With the sensitive nerves you describe and my lack of success in my trials I don’t think the technique is a goer..

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Originally Posted by westla90069

Yes, I understand, but I feel there are too many sensitive nerves and blood vessels in that area to put a lot of pressure there.

I recall a study back in 90-91 that stated that longdistance bicyclists had more ED and related problems than the average population, theory was that griding against a racing cycle seat for hours on end was not good for you…

regards, mgus

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