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I've been off PE for a year


I must say that I`ve only done stretching(the newbie routine for like 4 weeks) and my base girth increased visually, I had the newbie gains including length. I can see clear that is larger at the base, and my dick has the reversed V shape. And the base girth remained the same although I havent done PE in like 10 weeks. I`m gonna start soon again the newbie routine to see if I can get again the “newbie gains” .

Originally Posted by Nick666

I think that is because the enlarged girth at the base is infact the inner penis pulled out.

I never did and still dont buy that theory.

Originally Posted by LoveMachine

The girth at the base could be from true celluar growth by multiplying the number of cells slowly through stress (hanging) and rest (sleep) of the penis tissues not just pulling more penis out. Kind of like weight lifting/body building. This is what I believe to be tunica gains.

Hyperplasia of the penis. I dont think so.

Hypertrophy of the penis maybe, but hyperplasia, no way.


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