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It's easy to overtrain, isnt it?


I agree with you, Redwood. With my fast gains early on, I never once experienced soreness the following day. And my erections were certainly never affected. I regret not continuing that routine. In my eagerness to regain non-cemented growth, I overdid it with the stretches.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Thanks for all the (funny) replies guys!

2-3 year plateau: Well, I changed a lot of times my routine. Went from hanging to jelqing and vice versa.
But, as I have mentioned it already in my first post: I always tend(ed) to do too much.
Example: I used to do - beginning of this year - to jelq so long (60 min and more) and so often (every day) that my unit became really tough and strained. No joke, there was even blood coming out from the head while I was jelquing and I thought that this is sign that I am working well. Although I saw that my member shrinked in the flaccid status and erect.
Ok, then I read here on Thunders some threads from “newbie” and “thermo”. Pretty old threads already but the content is still up-to-date. The main message of them was simply to work less.
What did I do?
Reduced the time to maximal 60 min session to 2 days on one off. Mainly fast strokes, and a lot of horses.Still too much I think now. Signs of overdoing were the same as I described it in my first post here.
Then, I reduced it to 50 min and one day on one day off. Horses and fast strokes. Still too much I think.
Now, I am doing 40-50 min slow strong strokes, one day on one day off. Still too much I think, as I have already said that my unit shrinked in flaccid and erect status. This happened after a week in this routine.
But, all the time when I had to take several days off, 3 at minimum, and I resumed, no matter which routine it was,afterwards, I definitely got a real good workout for the first session. After my second workout my unit looked already less worked-out and from the third day on it looked like I had not done anything. What should this tell me?

What I want to do in the future is the following: 5 min warm-up, 20 min jelq (slow and strong), 5 min warm-down. ONe day on, one day off, or, two days on and one day off, or, if possible five days on and two off.


Holy shit, man!! You definitely overtrained!! I wonder what would have happened if you had reversed this process. But that is water under the bridge. Good luck with your new routine. It sounds much saner. I hope you’re pleasantly surprised.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I started making better gains when I reduced my 45-60 minute jelq/clamp sessions down to 30.

I’ll second the motion that your new plan sounds better, give it a go. :up:

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

OK, I will give it a try.


What surprises me all the time here on thunders is one fact:

You can see in your browser how many people are online currently. But I have never seen a post of them. Maybe they have different problems than me so they read other threads and post there.


again I need your help. I did not come upon a plateau I think it is a wall 2 meters thick, and made of concrete.
What I found out is that I am really easily overdoing. I am in a 3 three day on and one day off routine. Result: Too much. My unit looks and feels overworked. By the way: I do a hot wrap for about 10 min to warm up, then I jelq for 25 min. Slow, strong jelqs and semierect till 70% erect status. Afterwards I warm down with a hot wrap of about 10 to 20 min. —> Too much!! No??? What would you say?
I am almost about to take off five days or so and come back with a only 15 min lasting jelq routine. But then? Maybe it is only one day on, two days off. Or one day on, three days off. Never read on Thunders that someone followed a routine like that. And, before I am able to do this, I have to convince my mind that LESS (only 15 min!) is perhaps really better. Will be difficult.

I have some personal examples: Made a break of about 7 days. Came back with a more than 50 min jelq routine the first day. My member looked heavy and it was. Erection was weak 20 min after the session but the length was, no joke, ~0.3-0.4 inch longer than it is now. Where is it gone?

This overtraining while you were hanging: Was it too much weight or too many time that you devoted to hanging for a definite weight?



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