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Its all about the body

Its all about the body

OK, just thought I’d share something I’ve come across. I’m sure some members have already discovered this, but for those who haven’t then this will help a lot when manual stretching.

I’ve noticed that when doing basic manual stretching if I stick my butt out in such a way that your lower back arches, I tend to feel a much more powerful stretch in my ligs. I’ve also noticed that if I stick a leg out in the same direction I am stretching (when I’m stretching to the side) I get a more profound stretch in my ligs.

What I’m trying to say is that including your body instead of just using your arms may have a significant increase in your stretch intensity. Experiment around during your next stretch session to see what positions you can put your body in to give you the most beneficial stretch possible. I’d be interested to see what you guys can come up with.


Yes rotating the pelvis will give the same effect as lowering the angle, so it will hit the ligs more. Thats not necessarily better, just two different positions hitting different areas.

I also noticed that if I retract my abdomen while stretching, I feel it in the ligs.

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